badger and the great storm book review

Badger and the Great Storm – picture book review

As he’s grown a bit older, N’s been much more open to new books.  Anything with animals in seems to go down a treat, and when we received Badger and the Great Storm for review, it was immediately picked up for a bedtime story.

badger and the great storm book review

This picture book by Suzanne Chiew is lovely, with the main message behind it about how friends help each other.  The illustrations by Caroline Pedler are lovely, and for us reading at bedtime in a relatively poor light, the text is on a white background so easy to read. Whoop, I really can’t stand it when there’s black text on dark backgrounds!

The story is about the great storm which is on the way, and how Badger’s little friends are worried about their homes staying standing.  So Badger helps them out, battering down the hatches and making sure his friends’ homes are safe and prepared against the storm, only to find that the old Oak Tree he lives in is unprotected.

Books about friendship really help children learn how to treat their friends correctly, and what being a friend is about.  But with this story book, N was more interested in what makes a storm, and telling me about rain clouds.  That’s what is brilliant about books, one sentence or picture can spark off an interest in many other topics.

So the book was a success, and one that I’m sure will be read over and over again.  It’s available from Amazon (*affiliate link)


Disclosure: Little Tiger Press sent us Badger and the Great Storm to review. All opinions and words are my own.

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