Sitting at feet

Bank holiday racing

We’ve not been to the local Point to Point races for some time.  Often it’s been raining, or the OH’s been too busy on the farm, or simply we had N and there were other things to do. But lots of our farming friends go as well as family, so it’s always a bit of a social occasion rather than being really into the racing itself.

Having beautiful weather this bank holiday (as well as having a free parking pass), made it worthwhile checking out, especially as the OH was going to take an afternoon off work.

It was packed out.  We didn’t bother with the pushchair, as N will only then want to walk, so he did get carried a bit because it was so busy and he’d have got swamped.  He needs to start walking a bit faster as well, because others just whizz by him.

I took him right up to where the horses were in the ring before the races which he quite liked (until a strange man next to us started talking about his dog predicting the winners), we bumped into various family members, wandered round the few stalls, and caught up with some friends.

Unfortunately there’s not an awful lot for a toddler to do at the races.  Mostly it’s standing around talking to other farmers, so N spent a lot of time sat at people’s feet.

Sitting at feet
Happily ‘feeling’ grass

An ice cream from Grampy is always an essential part of going to the races although N’s never too sure about how to eat one so he just had some of mine.

Ice cream cone
Licking mummy’s ice cream

Considering he must have been bored a lot of the time, he was a little star.  He loved watching the people, the dogs and just being with his dad, as it’s a rare occasion the three of us manage to go out together.

Walking with Dad
Dad and N

It was great to spend a lot of time outside as well today – I’m always relieved he’s generally happy to have sun lotion put on and likes wearing his sun hat, otherwise I’d have been panicking as it really was a beautiful bank holiday Monday.  I think N and we will be sleeping well this evening.

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  1. I love the point to point and stupidly I forgot that ours was on, so I’ve missed our local one. It certainly look like you got great weather, which helps. The races in the rain is a bit unpleasant. I love the picture of your little man with his big ice cream

    1. There’s probably one again at the end of May as well. My OH’s uncle has a course on their farm so we might head to that one too. The one yesterday was just too crowded and too much of a trek to get to actually see the race course compared to the one we’ve been to in the past. It’s an expensive day out too unless you make a proper day of us. Thankfully we get passes being farmers that the hunt want to ride through!

  2. I’ve not been to a point to point in years. I do remember one year when the eldest was just a toddler and number 2 just a baby going to the races with friends and all taking turns to watch the younger children on the picinc rug. I think it is time spent outdoors together that is most important where ever that is, espcially when family days together are hard with work. I think now our children are older they might actally really enjoy a day like this. Thank you for linking up and glad you got that family day together.

    1. Our point to points are definitely places to be for teens who’re either in farming or into horses. It’s swarming with them.

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