Bossy Toddlers

N is definitely going through the bossy toddler stage.

He’s very much an independent little boy when it comes to doing things round the house (within reason, he’s still too lazy to potty train or make an effort to get dressed/remove clothes when I ask, the latter only happens when he wants to do it) and is very vocal when telling me what I should be doing.

Peter Rabbit

Previously, I’d have said he worshipped Tractor Ted, but his longing for that has fallen by the wayside in favour of Peter Rabbit.  It could be because Tractor Ted is a faff, having to wait for me to get the DVDs out, the remote from out of his reach and set it up, compared to Peter Rabbit which is recorded on the HD recorder and requires only one remote control.  Oh and it’s only 10 minutes long, so he can fit a lot in in a short amount of time!

But if I’m in a different room and he wants to watch Peter Rabbit, woe betide me if I ignore his requests.

I have hands grabbing the edge of my cardigan, t shirt or jumper and he tries to drag me to the living room, all the while shouting ‘Peter Rabbit mummy, Peter Rabbit on television’.

He would love Benjamin Bunny to add to his Peter but there seems to be a shortage of options!


At day nursery, the children are able to get their own breakfast where possible to help them become independent.  When at home, I also get N wanting to help.

Not so bad when it’s just getting a bowl out of the cupboard, but when he wants to get the Weetabix out of the wrapper (bits everywhere), and unscrew and pour the milk out, it can be a bit chaotic when you’re on a tight schedule.  If I try and do it without letting him help, he protests like anything!

Toast’s much easier as he can do most of that preparation himself.  Bread out of the fridge, take the 2 slices out, pull a chair up to the worktop, put the bread in the toaster and press the button to toast it.  He’s not getting the toast buttered very well as he doesn’t press the knife on hard enough, but maybe that’s because I give him an adult knife instead of a children’s one.

Bedtime stories

N won’t sit in bed to have his story.  Even though that would be warmer and easier to then fall asleep, he has to sit in the comfy chair in the corner of his room.

While it’s a big chair, it’s not really big enough for us to sit side by side, but there’s no way he’ll sit on my knee while I read the story.  Nope, he has to order me where to sit.  At least I’m allowed to sit on the chair though, at one stage, I was told to ‘off mummy, sit down there’ on the floor.

What bossy things do your children do?

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