How to be a super efficient money-saving shopper

how to be a super efficient money saving shopper - Bubbablue and me

I do a lot of shopping. Actually I lie.  I do a lot of wandering round town and buying little bits and pieces I need, but rarely do a browsing shopping trip. And I’m talking clothes.  I usually buy jeans from M&S or Sainsbury’s when I need them, but rarely shop for myself for clothes apart from sale season.  I’m usually looking out for clothes for N instead. But I seem to have a reputation amongst friends for being a… Continue Reading “How to be a super efficient money-saving shopper”

Summer clothes at Mothercare

Boys summer clothes at Mothercare - Bubbablue and me

When I shop for clothes there’s always the same shops I go to.  Mothercare is one of the shops that is still there in our town but I rarely visit now N’s that bit older.  I usually nip in on the off chance, usually to check out swim wear or basic t shirts, but rarely buy much.  So when offered some summer clothes for review I was looking forward to seeing what was available now N’s in that awkward age where… Continue Reading “Summer clothes at Mothercare”

Walking on air with Wolky wedge sandals – giveaway

walking on aid with a review of Wolky Wedge sandals - Bubbablue and me

Whenever it’s time to get a new pair of shoes my heart always falls.  Ok, so you don’t put on weight on your feet so in theory shoes should always fit, but I always struggle to find a pair because a size 5 is too small and size 6s are like boats.  But when I was asked to review a pair of shoes from Wolkyshop I was looking forward to them arriving…and just praying they would fit. Wolky are a… Continue Reading “Walking on air with Wolky wedge sandals – giveaway”

Getting kids dressed for summer

Getting kids dressed for summer - Bubbablue and me

A glorious British summer is just around the corner (we hope). What with the prospect of some sunshine, enjoying ice creams in the park and trips out to the seaside, there also comes the stress of dressing kids for summer. Without a doubt summer is the season that requires the most outfit changes, from spilled ice lollies to ripped knees, from falling over and moans of “I’m too hot”.  Being prepared for it in advance gives mums a good head… Continue Reading “Getting kids dressed for summer”

Barefeet to boots – the 7 stages of children’s shoes

barefoot to boots, 7 stages of kids shoes Bubbablue and me

Children grow so quickly, but when you see them every day, it’s hard to see it until they grow out of their clothes.  Or are stood next to someone else’s child and you realise they’ve shot past them in height. But I’ve noticed that footwear can make a real difference in how they look.  Put them in a certain type of shoe, and all of a sudden they look 2 years older, and you’re wondering where the years have gone.… Continue Reading “Barefeet to boots – the 7 stages of children’s shoes”

Oxfordshire bloggers go styling at Olivia May with LisaB Styling

oxfordshire bloggers go styling at Olivia May Oxford

For someone who currently lives in jeans and tops or jumpers outside work, and black trousers and brighter tops in work, a styling event doesn’t sound like somewhere you’d fine me.  But last week, I met up with other Oxfordshire Bloggers for a styling event at an independent boutique in Oxford, Olivia May. Organised by Kate who runs Oxfordshire Bloggers, the event brought together some of the usual crowd plus some other newer bloggers and business owners, to find out… Continue Reading “Oxfordshire bloggers go styling at Olivia May with LisaB Styling”

Win a personalised puff heart bangle with Prezzybox.

prezzybox puff heart bangle

I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to pretty shiny and glittery jewellery.  I have a stash of it even though I rarely wear much more than earrings, watch and wedding and engagement rings for day to day wear. I used to make jewellery as well, so I’m keen on looking out for new styles and ideas that I may have ended up making if I’d carried on. When you become a mum, you often want to have… Continue Reading “Win a personalised puff heart bangle with Prezzybox.”

Mini Vanilla pyjamas for the holiday season with House of Fraser

don't take my photo - pj shot

Like many other children at Christmas, N always has new pyjamas on Christmas eve.  Usually they’re Christmassy ones, but this year I’d found some brilliant blue ones with soldiers on.  So when I was sent a gorgeous pair of Mini Vanilla pyjamas from House of Fraser for him, they were going to have to wait until after Christmas. Needless to say, thanks to N’s refusal to go for a pee as soon as he wakes up – I mean, who… Continue Reading “Mini Vanilla pyjamas for the holiday season with House of Fraser”

A cute penguin – onesie of the year

penguin onesie

I have to say I’m not really a onesie fan.  Well, definitely not on adults, and not for setting foot outside the house, or spending all day in. On young children, they can look sweet (and I’m talking younger primary age children here).  To me, just the thought of having to strip off to go to the toilet makes me shudder (and reminds me of a pink jumpsuit I used to have at 7 or 8 years old – total… Continue Reading “A cute penguin – onesie of the year”

So soft hands with Green People limited edition gift sets

Green People hand collection

From when I was first looking for a sun lotion that wouldn’t give N a rash, through to now having worked with Green People for a while, we’ve always found the products did exactly what they were meant to, and been suitable for our skin. The latest launch are the Green People Limited Edition gift packs.  I was sent the badger handcream pack.  From the website I did imagine them to be bigger, but as you only need a little bit… Continue Reading “So soft hands with Green People limited edition gift sets”