Changing rooms

Now N’s two, it’s time for him to move up a room at nursery from Ducklings to Ducks (love their terminology!).  He’s been doing his settling in the last couple of days and it’s gone really well.

I think he loves being with older children because he’s always been used to being around his older cousins.  So hopefully he’ll do well now he’s moving up and not with the younger children.  Maybe, he’ll even start to make a friend.  His previous cohort for doing things with in the younger room moved up a few months ago, so it’ll be interesting to see if they remember playing together before.

I’ve been watching him on the cctv feed as well.  Usually he’s out of range, but managed to spot him playing with cars, wandering over to play with the sand (oh god, more sandy trousers and socks!), and then gazing out the windows as the pre-schoolers went out for their walk.

Changing rooms hasn’t seemed to phase him at all, and he’s used to his new key worker as pre-Christmas, she spent some time in his old room.

So, all good to go on Monday when he moves formally.  Less trudging round to the back building in the morning, but more fighting for a quick drop off and pick up in a small area at the front.


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