Children’s daily surprise

When is it that children lose their daily surprise and their discovery of everything being exciting with the world? Wouldn’t it be great if we adults got so excited about the day.

Each morning, N seems surprised when I go into his room, even if he’s been talking and shouting “mummy shower” for the last 15 minutes.

I get him out of bed, he spots the dogs playing outside, and he has to watch, point and say excitedly “Fern, dog”.  Yep, that’ll be what the dog does every morning.

The snow’s hung around since last Saturday, and each morning, it’s “snow”.

Then “daddy coming”, “daddy fire”…everything that’s routine, he still feels the need to state it and share as though it’s something new.

It’s great having the commentary and hearing how he’s putting words together more clearly. Although I do still get perplexed sometimes.  It seems that I’m the translator In our house though as the OH often asks me what N’s saying.

Sometimes it takes a few attempts before I realise that what N was saying did make sense. With toddlers it’s just a case of us tuning in properly to what he’s saying. And important that we keep him talking to help him communication and building up sentences.

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