Meal Planning Monday: 25th March 2013

I missed last week (the getting back into a new work routine), so linking up again with Mrs M’s Meal Planning Monday this week.

Meal planning this week has been a bit vague, and a bit on and off as Tuesdays and Thursdays, it’s just me to sort food out for as OH and N eat at the farm usually before I’m home.  Although I do the meal plan for the week, I’ll sometimes come home to find that OH has started his own recipe using whatever protein I’ve got out of the freezer.  Last week was meant to be a baked chicken dish roasted with butternut squash.  It ended up being his chicken with orange juice, garlic and a few spices.  He’s a fan of meat with sauces, whereas I don’t really make sauces, so with that dish he got his own way (and it’s delicious anyway!).

So here’s this week’s plan:

  • Monday: salmon with soy, lemon and butter, spinach, carrots and sauted potatoes
  • Tuesday (me): in London so should be getting lunch there
  • Wednesday: macaroni cheese
  • Thursday (me): would like to do risotto, but think I’ll need to find a baked recipe to avoid standing over it for ages
  • Friday: was going to be some kind of puff pastry tart, but have pizzas in
  • Saturday: Baked chicken with butternut squash/roasted veg or beef stew
  • Sunday: roast of some type

Puddings have fallen by the wayside as there’s just not enough time in an hour after work to make them and a main meal as well as playing with N. So just at the weekend, likely to be chocolate surprise pudding and raspberry steamed pudding.

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