digger shirt from Tu Sainsbury

Dancing cranes on funky shirts

It’s been a while since I’ve written a style post, largely because a) I’ve never got round to doing my sale haul from January.  Argh, I did a video about it, but it’s still not been edited and I didn’t do photos, so I don’t think I’m ever going to get round to doing it.  Note to self, in future make N try on everything to give an excuse for taking photos at the time!

Since party season in January, it’s been back to normal wear for nursery…we tend to just rotate the same clothes that come out of the washing, and put them back on rather than having to put them away back in drawers and wardrobe!  Lazy, but so easy when it’s nursery each day.  So lots of boring nursery jumper or t shirt wear, alternative with overalls and scruffy gear on the farm.

But, I did manage to pick up a really funky shirt for N from Sainsbury’s a couple of weeks ago.  I know I should have waited for the 25% off week this half term, but usually when I hold off on Sainsbury’s clothes, the next time I go in, there’s never his size available.

We do love their shirts – we’ve had a few white shirts from there with vehicle motifs.  I love how they’re fairly simple and well made, but not with lots of garish colours or weird styling.  We’ve had bicycles from there before, and another shop we had campervans, so they’re almost N’s ‘style’ now.  This one is a little boy’s dream with cranes all over.

digger shirt from Tu Sainsbury

Apart from persuading him that it’s ok to wear smart shirts and t-shirts for other than parties (he had a real strop one day because he didn’t want to wear a gorgeous Joules polo shirt that he’d previously only worn for parties, to nursery!), the hardest thing was trying to get him to stay still for long enough so I could take a photo.  He was happy to wear it because we were going to tea at his cousins’ house.

digger shirt Tu Sainsburys

Although when we got home he did tell me that he didn’t like his shirt because his cousins laughed at him.  I’m not sure they did, I hope they didn’t.  I’m hoping they were more laughing at something he’d said or the way he said it rather than at his shirt.  It seems N is getting a little more sensitive to what people say around him now, which is a sad part of growing up.

Still, I think he looks cool in his shirt, and I’m sure a lot of his 4 year old friends would be very jealous if they saw it.

Shirt – Tu at Sainsbury’s
Khaki trousers – House of Fraser (I think they are Mango)

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  1. That certainly is one very funky shirt, Lewis would certainly be jealous! Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

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