It’s great when you see a toy of today and can remember when the range first launched when you were a child.  We used to love playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and they’ve definitely stood the test of time, having a resurgence and launching much more interesting toys than were previously available.  Can you believe there’s also a TMNT museum, sharing all the previous reincarnations!

TMNT turtles 1988

N’s only just getting interested in figure toys, mostly down to influence from tv adverts and friends who mention various characters.  He’s only caught a brief glimpse of TMNT on tv at the moment, spotted the fighting and said ‘that’s scary mummy’ and got me to turn over.  I’m thinking it’ll be a year or two before he’ll watch the show.

Last year saw the turtles appear on the big screen.  If you’ve not seen the movie, the heroes in a half shell have to save New York from the evil Shredder, aided by their trusty reporter friend April and sensei Splinter.  With modern day animation, the film certainly delivers in the action scenes, as well as the characteristic humour shown through the relationships of the gang of four.  The movie certainly features big names, including Whoopi Goldberg, Megan Fox and Johnny Knoxville.

The film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is out now to own on Blu-ray and DVD from Paramount.

TMNT teenage mutant ninja turtles movie dvd

If your children need something to entertain themselves at the end of half term, they can download the activity sheets below.

TMNT maze
TMNT wordsearch
TMNT Spot the difference

If you’ve not seen the film, and have a fan in the house, I’ve got a dvd to giveaway to one lucky reader.  Just answer the question and enter via the rafflecopter widget.

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Disclosure: I’ve been given a dvd to giveaway. All words are my own.


  1. Patricia Avery

    Superman so I could fly without the need of an aeroplane 🙂

  2. karen Howden

    Wonder woman and have the body to match

  3. Lynne OConnor

    Spiderman – I love the idea of swinging Tarzan style through the city

  4. Chris Minko

    Superman because you get a bit of everything!

  5. David Winter

    Wolverine. He’s the best at what he does. AND he gets to heal from anything in seconds

  6. Rachel Butler

    Iron-Man….he is my sons fave! I think he is pretty awesome!

  7. Susan Pringle

    Wonder Woman because I used to watch the TV show when I was a kid and I wanted to be her then.


    Would love to be spiderman to get to places quickly.

  9. Superman. He’s got a big heart – and big muscles, too.

  10. Alexandra McGahey

    Superman – just to be able to go in a phone box and come out being able to fly! 😀

  11. Chris Fletcher

    Superman, I’ve always wanted to wear my pants on top of my trousers…

  12. Emma Fox

    Wonderwoman – would love to look that good and save the day.

  13. Geoff Hibbert

    Superman – be nice to fly without an airport queue

  14. I dont want to be a super hero – I want to be a super villain – I’d choose to be Harley Quinn (The Jokers girlfriend for anyone who doesn’t know) she’s super smart, has enhanced agility and physical strength and is super crazy 😀 and a former psychiatrist too hehe

  15. genna st michael

    Superwoman – strong and able to fly, yes please!

  16. genna st michael

    Superwoman – super strong and able to fly, yes please!

  17. genna st michael

    Superwoman – super strong and able to fly, yes please!

  18. sandra ralph

    Supergran because i think being a nanny to my grandson is just super

  19. Kim Styles

    Spiderman- because I could catch the kids in one big web when they are running in all directions!!

  20. trevor linvell

    Iron man. I can fly, have great weapons and when im not in the suit im a billionaire genius

  21. Danielle Cresswell

    Supergirl because she can fly and is younger than I am lol

  22. Charlotte C Brumpton

    Wonder Woman because she was fierce

  23. Donna Clinton

    Superman because he has loads of different powers!

  24. Barbara Handley

    Catwoman. Cats have lovely relaxed lives. I would love to be the cat that got the cream!

  25. I will answer for my son, he would choose spiderman so he can save people and fly /jump from roof to roof

  26. Kathleen Thomson

    Superwomen so i can fly yeyyyyyyyy

  27. Kathleen Thomson

    Superwomen so i can fly yeyyyyyyyy

  28. Annmarie Jefferies

    I’d be cat woman love her she’s sassy and cool

  29. Monica Gilbert

    Batman. It’s great to see a hero who uses his brains so much.

  30. Andrew Hindley

    Superman I would love to fly around the world

  31. emma falvi

    it would have to be supergirl, as she can do anything

  32. Mark Chamberlin

    Superman as I’d love to fly and be virtually indestructable!

  33. Esme MCCRUBB

    id be super gran – she gets to scoot about on her motorbike doing awesome things

  34. Michelle Bennett

    Id be wonderwoman, no stress, no messing about, just getting everything done 😀

  35. jen lloyd

    spiderman I woud love to climb buildings 😀

  36. Greig spencer

    superman so i can fly round the world

  37. Pamela M

    I’ve not seen TMNT yet so would love to win this.
    If I were a superhero I’d be the invisible woman as that would be a great power to have!

  38. mike williams

    Freebeer Man, everywhere I went I’d get free beer and so would all around.

  39. Scott Fallon

    Batman, i want to drive the batmobile and meet the joker as well.

  40. michelle banks

    i would love to be wonder woman, she is beautiful

  41. lauren Tourle

    spiderman 🙂 hes just awesome lets face facts haha 🙂

  42. Tom Webber

    I’d have to go with Deadpool. He’s the ultimate antihero so you get the best of both worlds. As skilled with swords as he is with a sarcastic quip, plus we both love chimichsnga’s.

  43. Michelle Hollingsbee

    Spiderman, I always wanted to be able to shoot webs from my wrist!

  44. Lucy Connor

    I’d be spiderman simply because no matter where you are, if you’re in trouble, he’s there. Then, I would never have to worry about my kids as I’d know that if they were in trouble I’d be there to save them 🙂

  45. Lucy Pasifull

    Wonderwoman as I idolised her when I as tiny.

  46. Karen laing

    Wonder Woman,I fee at times I am her,managing to do things unbelievably quickly,juggling several tasks all at the same time but sometimes I wish I had a little more of her energy

  47. Katie Skeoch

    Firestar! She has the best costume & can fly!!

  48. Neil Bradley

    I would be the incredible hulk just to be unstoppable.

  49. lauren Tourle

    i would be black widow as she is just awesome and a red head like myself 🙂

  50. lauren Tourle

    i would be black widow as she is just awesome and a red head like myself 🙂

  51. Andy Kadir-Buxton

    Professor X, he comes across as the most intelligent of the super heroes.

  52. Jillian Mitchell

    Storm so I could get rid of this cold weather and make it warm and sunny!

  53. tina holmes

    Wonder Women, she looks bloody awesome!

  54. charlotte qualter

    i would be shera from thunder cats she was awesome and reminds me of my childhood

  55. aaron broad

    I would like to be the hulk, something about being that strong would be awesome

  56. Helen Schofield

    Superman so I could fly to anywhere I wanted to.

  57. Iron Man as he is so clever and makes so many amazing inventions and is very confident.

  58. Id be iron man, cool, confident and everyone knows who he is yet he doesnt have much trouble with villains.

  59. Id be iron man, cool, confident and everyone knows who he is yet he doesn’t have much trouble with villains.

  60. elizabeth ferguson

    batwoman because i like her dress sense xx

  61. superman so i could fly and save a fortune on bus fares

  62. Denise Blythe

    Wonder woman. Every woman wants a figure like that!

  63. Amy Rennocks

    Catwoman… She’s the ultimate crazy cat lady!!


    Batman because he has fab gadgets and vehicles,he’s rich and he even has his own butler!

  65. Kelly Wheelhouse

    I would love to be The Flash! How cool would it be to be able to run that fast?

  66. Laura Pritchard

    Wonder Woman as she looks great as well as kicking arse!

  67. Kristy Brown

    I would be She-Ra as she was the original girl power bum kicker!

  68. Karen Knox

    batman just because he’s my favourite x

  69. Karen Knox

    batman just because he’s my favourite x

  70. laura stewart

    Superman because he always saves the day xx

  71. Christine Lockley

    I’d love to be “WonderWoman” and the opportunity to get more done in super quick time – plus she rocks a great costume

  72. Storm as I could always make it warm and sunny !

  73. Rich Tyler

    Batman – he’s loaded, gets the ladies n kicks ass at night!

  74. Miss Tracy Hanson

    The Incredible Hulk – as people say I go red when I’m angry so it would be a change to go green instead. 🙂

  75. Fiona Stanier

    wonderwoman because every girl wanted to be her when I was growing up

  76. Paula Readings

    The Invisible Man, so I can ‘sneek’ about!

  77. michaela atkins

    i would have to be that little known super hero OctoMum i need 8 flipping arms to do the million jobs and give hugs and cook clean etc that us mums do x

  78. Gotta be Superman! He has everything you could ever want: flying, x ray vision and super strength!

  79. elaine dale

    Wonder Woman as could just spin around and be unbeatable

  80. Elizabeth (Liz) Briggs

    I would love to be Iron Woman – Super clever and funny with lots of gadgets x

  81. Amanda Wright

    The Hulk!
    Because he’s indestructible and can smash haha 🙂

  82. Sandra Lane

    Catwoman so I could communicate with my cat.

  83. gemma brown

    i quite like iron mans life. incredibly clever and gets to fly and loads of money he wouldn’t have to worry

  84. Ruth Harwood

    Can I be Catwoman? I do so love cats!!

  85. Stacey B

    I decided to ask my 9 year old son and he said captain underpants because he only wears pants & a cape LOL! 🙂 xx

  86. Wonderwoman, because i could do with her energy.

  87. Liam Bishop

    Superman, he has tons of powers! Would beat going to work.

  88. Sarah Pybus

    The invisible man so I could play tricks on everyone 🙂

  89. The Flash – as his ability is to move very fast I could do all the housework a lot quicker!

  90. Spencer Broadley

    The Invivible Man so I can go about with no-one stopping me in the street

  91. claire blaney

    Thor because he can go back a forth to his world & it would be nice to visit another planet x

  92. Stuart Edwards

    Spider Man as i would love to be able climb the walls & ceilings

  93. Kat Lucas

    Wonderwoman because she is from an island where women are in charge

  94. Lisa Everaert

    The invisible woman. Imagine all the fun you could have x

  95. Justine Barnes

    Catwoman, I guess not technically a superhero but I would be her just for her figure!! 🙂

  96. Amanda Walsh

    I would be Robin as every Superhero needs a sidekick

  97. supergran I used to love her when I was a child.

  98. S Bufton

    The Wolverine Because he is virtually indestructible and has a don’t mess with me attitude.

  99. Alison Joyce

    Supergirl so I could fly and be super strong

  100. Sinead Dimmer

    Batman- He isnt a real super hero, he is a rich dude

  101. Tracy Nixon

    Superwoman as I would love to fly and quite like her outfit too!

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