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Tractors, trotting and tubas – Day out at Brailes Show

I love fayres and shows (as you might have guessed from various posts over the last few weeks), and there’s more still to come over the remainder of the summer.

Last weekend was Brailes Show which is only down the hill from us in Warwickshire.  I thought it was going to be a relatively small affair, but it was heaving and much bigger than anticipated.   I made the mistake of not parking out on the road in the village, so we were right at the bottom of the parking field which was packed.  By the time we left, there was a second field that had cars in too, so it was definitely a successful event.

My sister in law’s children were all involved with the horse show part, so we headed that end of the field first to see how they were getting on.  N even got to sit on one of their horses (wearing cousin number 4’s riding hat – shows how big N’s head is, as his cousin’s 9!).  He loved sitting up high and looking round what everyone was up to.

The show had a real mix of activities and stalls.  There was a reptile tent where you could pay to the charity and hold snakes, lizards and god knows what.  A local brass band were playing – of course N had to spend time watching them, he really is a big music fan.  There were good old fashioned fete games like hook the duck and splat the rat, along with face painting, glitter tattoos, a huge bouncy slide (that N wanted to go on – he’d never have managed to climb up to the top!) and various foods, arts and crafts stalls.

fairground ride
Wasn’t sure whether it would be too big a ride for him, so the poor random older girl got lumped with him!
looking over the rope barrier at a show

You could tell it was a country show as there were agricultural merchants with stalls there, a vintage tractors display (alongside some classic cars)

vintage tractors
Vintage tractors

There was a dog show with a lot of entries…the dogs seemed never-ending, and the main ring had a variety of displays.  We watched a bit of the owls/hawks display and the dog obedience display (the bit we saw didn’t show particularly obedient dogs which was amusing as the owner went running off after her dog!).

riding the seesaw horse at the park

Needless to say N spotted the playground and wanted to head that way, stopping at the tractors on route.

Debating where to head next
walking over the climbing frame rope bridge

After a couple of hours, it was a trek back to the car, and time for a chill out.

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    1. Little boys and tractors! N’s beside himself at nursery, as it’s on a farm and there’s currently 3 tractors in the fields next to nursery, doing muck-spreading.

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