Chain saws – over and out

N seems to be over his chain saw incident from a couple of weeks ago.

Well, I say ‘over’ the incident, obviously I expect him still to hate the sound of them if he’s close to them (similarly to public toilets hand dryers which he still cries at even now).  But he grasped what the tree surgeons were doing and has since been trying to replicate what they were doing.

We popped in to see Grandma the other day, and he was playing in the garden with her walking stick.  Mostly hobbling round with it (looking very colourful as it’s got multi-coloured metallic circles all over it), looking like an old man.  Then he tried a change of tack and started ‘sawing’ the tree’s branches, making a buzzing sound at the same time.

Initially, we weren’t sure what he was trying to do, but once he started telling us he was chopping, it all made sense.

Maybe next time he sees a chain saw in action, he’ll be less scared of it?

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