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End of year 2 and onto year 3 at school

It feels like N’s been on summer holidays for ages, but we’re only into the second week. I wanted to do my usual round up of his school year because yet again this year has been one to celebrate.  He’s grown so much and achieved so much more than we could have imagined in his own quiet way.

It’s been the end of year 2.

Reading and writing

When N started year 2, he was doing ok. Not great, but ok.  It was a chore to get him to read school books and he wouldn’t read anything out of school. But he’s had extra boosters for reading, meaning he’s been reading to a teacher or TA, several times a week, as well as to parents and others who might come in to listen to the kids read. It’s given him so much more confidence, and he knows he can read and can try harder books.

N’s still not a natural reader (his fluency still needs work) but he’s slightly ahead of where he should be in reading age, and his literacy SATs results showed that when he reads he can do really well.

With writing, he’s getting there. He’s a lot more confident and will just write. Now he needs to think about what he’s writing and make it a bit more detailed, as well as thinking about his spellings. He does it at home and spells words out correctly to me when he asks how to spell things, but at school I think he’s just focused on getting words on paper as quickly as possible.

At the moment I don’t need to worry. He can do it. So far this holiday hasn’t seen much evidence of reading, but the other day he did read a farming letter out to Granny.

Surprsingly, his handwriting is really neat. He can’t wait to get his pen licence once he’s in key stage 2, and looking at his handwriting books I don’t think it’ll be long before he does.

school out cakes - Bubbablue and me


All of N’s year group seem to get on well.  N doesn’t have one really good friend. There’s a couple he talks about more, but playtimes seems to be just open play – tag with a massive group of children across several years.

N seems to be well liked as lots of people ask him on playdates – unfortunately we never seem to be able to coordinate. But N takes everything in his stride and it doesn’t bother him.

Performances and confidence

I’ve always said it, N is a textbook child. Does things when he’s meant to, doesn’t overperform, but is keen to do things correctly.  But he does have a lot of confidence in himself and abilities. Well, over-confidence really.  7 year olds don’t seem to have any humility or a real idea of their relative ability.

Whether it’s sports, music or academia, N is overly confident at how good he is which does make me laugh. One of his farming friends is a pretty good goalkeeper for his age. Us adults were all a bit amazed at how good he was. Next thing, N is saying ‘I’m a good goalie too’.  Hmmm, love the confidence, but think he’s a typical 7 year old in ability.

For a small school N’s does have a lot of performance opportunities.  Poetry readings, nativities, class assemblies and choir. Yes, N has joined the choir.

N is a quiet child, and certainly not a performer. But he doesn’t shy away from standing up on stage and speaking. Or joining the choir 3 weeks before the end of the year and having to learn a song in that time to perform it in front of parents.  He’s good in a group, but I’m also amazed that he’ll answer questions in class and join in discussions,  Compared to me at school – I was top of the class material but was always being told I needed to talk more in class (or at all). I’m so proud that he seems to enjoy taking part in performances.


Like any child, N loves getting an award.

This year he was gutted that in the final week, his house team got beaten out of first place.

He’s frustrated that his class again didn’t win the dance off.

But so chuffed that his class won an inter school performing arts competition.

He’s also been Star of the Week twice, Learner of the week twice and VIP 25 times.

Looking forward to year 3

N isn’t worried about going into Year 3 and key stage 2. He’s looking forward to having the only male teacher in the school – he thinks he’s going to have an easy time of it. Let’s hope he’s proven wrong.

He’s going to be pleased to be back in a mixed class with the older year group rather than the younger ones.

He’ll still be going swimming and hopefully will be moving up into the next swimming group.

We need to work out what clubs he’ll do and whether he’ll still be going to after school club.

Hopefully he’ll have more (and better) sporting opportunities in PE next year.

N enjoyed learning recorder this year. He’s since mentioned learning drums and more recently the piano. So I might ask if he can have a trial lesson and see if he’ll want to continue.

I hope N will continue to progress like he has done this year. That’ll he’ll start reading more for fun and not just for school. That he’ll still enjoy school and get on with everyone.

And that we’ll maintain our 100% record for items brought home from school.

What are your hopes for the next school year?

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