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Camping essentials – the health and beauty essentials you need to take

When you say camping, very few people would think beauty products.  Even glampers are unlikely to worry too much about taking health and beauty products with them.  But once you’ve been camping and been eaten by bugs, or got sun burn without realising it, you’ll soon have a list made for the next time you go.

I don’t wear a lot of make up, but I will always wear foundation, concealer and mascara at a minimum. Even camping, on the beach, or even first thing in the morning when I’ve been asked to help move cattle on the farm. When camping I do lighten the base layer because it’s usually summer, I’ve got a bit more natural colour on my face and can get away with some tinted CC cream.

The last time we camped in Woolacombe we went for a walk round the fishing lake and after that seemed to get bitten all the time. It’s strange because at home, it’s always the OH and N who get bitten. But in Woolacombe I was the only one. Thankfully this year, I took insect repellent but didn’t actually need it. Phew.  I think it’s like the umbrella effect – don’t take one out and you’ll get caught in the rain, but take a brolly out and it’ll be sunny all day. It’s obviously the same with insect bites and repellent.

Anyway, while I don’t have a massive toiletry bag or medical kit when we go camping, there’s a list of things I’ll always try and bring.

camping essentials health and beauty - Bubbablue and me

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Health and beauty essentials for camping

Medical and health products


I forgot my warfarin (again), so don’t do what I do.  Make sure any medication is with you and check the storage requirements. Tents do get hot in the sun, so if it’s got a temperature limit, think about storing it in your cool box.

Aloe vera gelly

This is our family’s ‘magic’ gel. It’s multipurpose – use as aftersun, on bruises, in place of savlon on grazes or bites, use on mouth ulcers. It lasts for ages so it’s worth the expense.  And saves taking lots of different products with you.


I usually have a couple in my toiletry bag just in case. Although we rarely use plasters in our house.

Eye drops

Whenever I go on holiday, even wearing my sunglasses, I end up with one watery painful eye. So eye drops for dry or irritated eyes can be handy.


Because someone will drink too much Prosecco the night before! Or just get a headache.

Sun lotion

Don’t forget to wear it on the campsite even when you don’t think you need it. We’d put on sun lotion all day at the beach, but got back to the campsite and forgot to reapply. And I ended up with sunglasses marks on one side on my face just from sitting on the picnic bench for a couple of hours in late afternoon.

Beauty products

Dry shampoo

When I go camping I tend to just stick with shampoo rather than adding condition. But even washing daily means after a day outside, in a breeze, on the beach means my hair is getting greasy by the evening and looking a bit grim. Dry shampoo is the answer just to pep it up (especially if you want to go longer without washing your hair).

Leave in conditioner

If you want to help rescue your hair in the sun and wilds of camping bed head, try leave in conditioner. It protects your hair better .  I use a John Freida Emergency Treatment spray which is really hard to come by now, but is my holiday go to. And it takes up hardly any room in my bag.

Lip balm

If you forget everything else, don’t forget lip balm.  I don’t know why, but camping makes your lips really dry and cracked. It could just be being outdoors lots, or the sea and beach, but everytime I forget, and then by the last couple of days I can hardly stretch my mouth without it hurting. And everyone else seems to be in the same boat.

Sun hat and sunglasses

If you’re going camping in the summer, sunglasses and a hat are helpful.  I can’t cope without my sunnies, and this year bought a hat for the first time to protect my parting on the beach.


If you don’t have kitchen scissors in your camping kit, it’s worth adding in some decent ones.

What health and beauty camping essentials would you add to the list?

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