Farmers son – baby’s not keen on being outdoors

You’d think being a farmer’s son that N would be keen on being outside.

He enjoys going for a wander with his Dad or anyone else who’ll take him, but he’s not happy sitting outside in sunny weather.  Ok so the weather’s a bit on the warm side especially for April and a bank holiday weekend in the UK. But I set up a ‘den’ for him to keep him in the shade which comprised 2 chairs, a blanket over the top & back with his swing seat underneath.  A golf umbrella was available for him to go on the blanket.

He sat in the seat for a bit, griped. So I sat him behind the umbrella with me which was ok for a bit. Laid him down for a kick…but none pleased him so inside he went for his sleep instead.

At least I got half an hour to sit outside in the sun, but not as long as I’d like.  He’s obviously going to be like his cousins – needing to be on the go and active, and not lying down.  I’m not sure what his dad will say if N likes the indoors too much considering he’ll be expected to help out and be interested in the farm!

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