father and son music bonding - Bubbablue and me

Father and son bonding with Now 100 Hits classic rock

Father’s day isn’t as big in our family as it is for many others, but children always love to give a gift to their parents. Music is an easy gift to give, and this year, N way excited to review Now 100 Hits Classic Rock 6CD. Music is one of the loves that unites N and his dad, with rock the central genre they listen to together.

The OH has always been a fan of rock and always will be, I’m more of an eclectic music fan, listening to anything I can sing along to and enjoy musically. But the OH listens to rock loud, and N loves that. They put rock on, set it up to go via the standalone huge bass speaker we have, and they rock out before N’s bedtime.

They’ll enjoy searching for rock versions of other songs online, N gets out a play guitar or drums on boxes. It is loud (I’m sure over at the farmhouse they can hear when we have music on). You either learn to block out the volume or join in and sing along.

father and son music bonding - Bubbablue and me

The OH can share his favourite bands and songs from his teenage years. And N adds classic rock bands to his playlists. Despite me having left behind my Bon Jovi and Guns n Roses back in my GCSE years, even I enjoy hearing the classics again.

So the newly released Now 100 Hits Classic Rock album brings lots of those rock classics into one album. N can listen to it in the car or on his CD player (yes we still have one in our house), and with his dad.

When you think of classic rock, what do you think of? Def Leppard, T Rex, Toto? Now 100 Hits Classic Rock has these and more on its whopping 6 CDs. N’s pleased that some of his favourites – Toto’s Africa and Evanescance’s Bring me to Life are included. He keeps pointing out more of his favourites when he spots them. There’s also Whitesnake’s Here I go again, which is a new song he’s singing with his school choir.

With rock from the last 40 or so years, there’s plenty for everyone to recognise, sing along and do air guitar to. Even if they’re now 50 and have plenty of aches and pains nowadays.

I’m not sure the OH will get much of a look in to this CD album because N’s already stolen it away somewhere. It’s nice to see that his dad has managed to share his love of rock music with N, so much so, that it’s hard to get N to listen to, or appreciate there are other music options.

Music quizzes are the one game the OH will play when we’re at friends’ houses or parties. So helping them swot up on rock music knowledge might help their options in future.

I have to admit that I will also be playing the CDs in the car. If you can’t beat them, join them I say, and who can resist singing out loud to REO Speedwagon’s ‘Can’t fight this feeling’ at the top of your voice?

If you’ve got a rock fan in your house, Now 100 Hits Classic Rock is a great value gift for Father’s Day or a birthday. It can be bought on CD, download or via the Now Music App for a small monthly fee – check the website out to remember all those old Now music albums. (Now 7 was my first, what was yours?)

Are the man and children in your life music fans together?

Disclosure: We were sent the album for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are our own.

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