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Firsts: a picture perfect portrait

N’s not really one for drawing.  He’ll have a go at painting, and loves cutting with scissors (usually his drawers at nursery are full of cut up bits of paper), but he’s never really been that fussed about drawing or colouring in.

While we were in Bristol he did do a bit of drawing of his own accord, and now I think he’s realised that practicing letters might get him somewhere with learning to write his name, he does write a lot of Ns.  But when you see other younger children’s pictures, drawing people and faces, I do sometimes think it’d be nice if he started to draw ‘things’ rather than just scribbles or vague circles or lines.

We’ve always had mystery pictures…it could be anything, and N never seems to know what he’s drawn himself if asked.

‘Is it a tractor?’.  Always a good bet, but it’s usually met with a blank look from him.

‘Er, yes?’.  He never sounds convinced so I think it’s always been scribbles and then it ends up just being whatever I suggest.

But last week at nursery school, he did produce a drawing;  the nursery manager then explained that he’d told her he was going to draw a combine harvester, then sat and drew. The first time he’d announced beforehand what he was drawing.

Then today, I picked him up from nursery and his key worker was really proud to show me his picture from today.  It was very clearly 3 people, and N had told her he was going to draw Daddy.  He’d obviously decided to draw all 3 of us.

family portrait

It’s a great picture (and is actually the only family picture – photo or otherwise we have)…it’s just a shame he then decided to cut one person off.  We’re currently debating whether it’s daddy or me who’s been lopped off the end!

So yippee, N is finally drawing pictures that look like the items he’s drawing. I’m wondering what is going to come next?

What was your child’s first proper drawing of?  Do they enjoy drawing and colouring?

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  1. I love first drawings. Big man’s ones are always smiling. I love the way your eyes are on your head like the cookie monster x

  2. Hello there, really enjoyed your post and what a fab picture! We’re not quite at that stage yet, little man loves to draw but usually indiscriminately! x #sharewithme

    1. Aw, thanks. Yes, it’s lovely seeing how their drawing progresses. I’ve just taken photos of a huge pile of N’s ‘artwork’ and there’s definitely progress

  3. Aw, this is so cute. I love looking at first drawings – the oblong shapes for bodies! There’s certainly no stopping him now! Thanks for linking up to #loudnproud today 🙂

  4. Ah this is lovely! Monkey loves drawing but so far no real shapes and I cant wait for that to start! #loudnproud xx

  5. Ahhh amazing when they start to draw and be creative. Lovely family photo too! I hope it’s Daddy in trouble and not Mommy. hahaha Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again soon. #sharewithme

  6. Oh how sweet is the picture?! My smallest has just started to really draw with meaning now. We are quite an artistic family, and it’s so lovely to see her really concentrating on producing her own little marks. She is so proud of herself too! A lovely post xx #sharewithme

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