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Frost doesn’t stop play – swings and trampoline

I should know by now that nothing would stop N from going outside to play, but I’m still astounded at how little he appears to feel the cold.  It just shows it’s true how there’s no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing, when there are children wanting to go outside and play.

This weekend was another busy one, with parties and catching up with my best friend, N’s godmother at a nearby National Trust property Baddesley Clinton (write up will be in a few days).  N had a bit of a nap on the way home from Baddesley Clinton, so when we pulled into the drive and he spotted his cousins playing on the farm drive, he was immediately awake and wanting to join them.

We’re so lucky that we’ve a massive drive, that the boys have all been brought up to know to watch out for cars and other vehicles, and to not go out of the drive gate to the farmyard without an adult or being told to do so.  Visitors to the farm are also aware there’s potentially children and dogs roaming so I feel pretty safe that N’s ok to be playing outside without me for a while.

Welly boots back on, his youngest cousin had followed the car up to see if N was going out to play, and he was out of the door to head back down to the swing in the tree that they were playing with.  I hadn’t noticed the 12 year old up  the tree, but I just hoped that they’d help N with the swing because he’s still not that aware of how close he can stand to others on it!

playing ball on a trampoline

Once they’d got bored of the swing, I heard them back in our garden and found them on the trampoline.  Our trampoline’s looking a bit sad – the foam and net that goes around the poles to protect them and keep them in place has split and broken, so one top pole has fallen out.  It didn’t stop the 3 of them bouncing around.

Then they added the ball.  That always makes me laugh at the 6 year old thinking that N will be able to play piggy in the middle or catch.

trampoline bouncing with a ball

A pile up started, and just generally mucking about.

pile up on the trampoline

I love how they get on so well together, there weren’t even any arguments between the brothers, and play only stopped when their dads turned up to get them.  I know I wouldn’t have been able to spend as much time outside as they did, but they didn’t seem to notice the cold.

It must be a growing up thing…grow up and feel the cold more.

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  1. This was such a lovely post to read. It seems to be a universal thing that kids never seem to feel the cold! They look like they enjoyed themselves very much. Thank you for linking to #OutdoorPlayParty.

  2. My boys all do exactly the same thing with a ball on the trampoline, they play some game where someone throws it in and whoever it hits is then “it” , hours of fun and usually the first thing they do whenever someone comes round to play. I think boys everywhere must be drawn to the same style of fun. Lovely photos of N and his cousins having such fun. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

  3. How wonderful to be able to play outside so much together. They really look like they were having fun. Yes, they never feel the cold do they?
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

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