remote control toy robot

Laser connect with a remote control toy robot

When N opened the box that Paramountzone sent us, he was beside himself.  Wow, it was a remote control toy robot ‘just like the one that’s at nursery’.  I don’t think I’ve seen as much excitement over a delivery box before – although even the OH was interested to see what was in the odd shaped box and he usually moans with the ‘junk’ he says I get.  No more, even he’s since been having a play with the robot!

Opening the remote control toy robot

N was straight into the box, I was ordered to unpack it where he couldn’t, find batteries and then he was off trying to work out the different buttons.  It only took about 5 minutes to get the robot ready to play from opening the box, so no impatient children waiting around.  Luckily I have a drawer of batteries ready for any need, so no panicking there either.

The remote control robot needs the ‘go’ button pressing, then the ‘ready’ button on the remote control to connect the laser beam.  It took N a while to grasp the need for the connection buttons, and which order the buttons needed to be pressed.  But after me explaining the different buttons he’s loving it.

Playing with the remote control toy robot

The robot is great.  It’s pretty substantial – even though the helmet lifts up to put in the foam shooting pieces in, it doesn’t feel flimsy or easily breakable.   You can tell it to do several things – fire (sound effects), moving his arm up and down, turning left and right, dance, and move forwards and back.  And of course, shooting the foam discs.

remote control toy robot

N loves this (as do the rest of us), and it has got a strong fire.  So much so that the foam bullets ricochet back off whatever they hit.  Much hilarity as I was trying to catch them on camera while trying to avoid N shooting at me!

As well as the movements, the remote control toy robot also talks to you, in particular on start up and shut down, so you know when you need to hit the ready/go button to start it up again, or you know that it’s ‘mission accomplished.

remote control robot

The only downside (apart from finding where N’s shot the discss) seems to be that it struggles to move on carpet.  Our kitchen floor was fine as was the kitchen table with wipeable tablecloth, so if you’ve wooden or lino floors it’ll work well.

Since the robot arrived, N’s played with it most days, so I think it’ll be a stayer in this family.  I just need to make sure now that he doesn’t want to take it to nursery with him.

The remote control toy robot is available to buy from Amazon, and is currently on offer at £24.95.  If you’re outside the UK you can buy from and


Disclosure:  We were sent the remote control toy robot for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are my own.

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    1. I was really surprised at the price. It is on offer, but even so. I reckon my brother (age 35) would probably quite like one too.

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