poppies and michaelmas daisies

Project 365 2015 – week 23

It’s week 23 of Project 365, a photo a day for a year.  It’s been an odd week.  I’ve had to really make an effort to find a photo each day this week (apart from Saturdays from which I had masses to choose from due to trying to join in with #1day12pics.  So this week’s photos really are a random bunch.  I suppose we all have weeks like this sometimes.

Sunday, N did some sticking and drawing.  All off his own back, while waiting to go to tea at Granny’s house.  He was so focused it was amazing.  His creation can only be classed as innovative and slightly different!

sticking and artwork -glueing buttons

Monday was my first full week of being in the new office.  As with the old offices there is limited parking there (less so than before).  Everyone gets 10 days allocation for a 4 week period , but for the first few days this week I was out on the roads nearby trying to find non restricted free parking.  I was lucky and didn’t have to park quite as far as up by the old building, but it was still a lot further to go than normal, in particular with all my bags.  I’m going to have to streamline.

I took this photo to show the shocking photo.  I have to admit, my own parking wasn’t as close to the kerb as I’d usually like but it amazes me that people just leave their cars like that.  Surely it was obviousl that they weren’t parked near the kerb!

example of poor parallel parking

I’d spotted these flowers on my commute, on the verge just outside one of the villages I drive through.  As of the previous week, there were only a couple of poppies, but within the week, all of these large daisies grew.  They looked fabulous, so on Tuesday, I decided to park up and hop out to take a photo.  Much to the amusement of the other drivers,

poppies and michaelmas daisies

N loves hiding.  Or his attempt at hiding.  But on Wednesday he ran off and disappeared.  I evenually found him in his crazy glow tent, hiding away using it as a den…on top of the sofa.

playing inside his Crayole crazy glow tent

Thursday was a beautiful day, and I was stuck inside the office…with really strong air con.  I love air con, but they don’t seem to have got it quite right, but even the ones of us who like air con were cold.  This was my view next to my desk.

view from my work window

Friday brought hair cut time.  I tend to go every 10 weeks, but my hair had grown really long.  I’m a bit strange, because I don’t like people touching my head, hate the conditioning massage, but love the overall situation of having my hair cut.

sitting in the hairdresser's chart

Saturday and it was time to do the final empty out of our mum’s house which is due to complete on Thursday.  Most of the clearing out had been done already.  We did 2 car fulls to recycling and the tip in the morning while N did some shepherding with his Gramps. But we still had a bit left to do so N came back with me in the afternoon.  He was bored of course, wondered where the sofa was because he ‘needed’ to sit on it, and I’m still not sure that he understands that today is probably the last time I go into that house.  Quite emotional when that was our childhood home, and the place I’ve lived for the most amount of time.

empty house ready for new people

So that’s our week in photos.  If you want to check out what everyone else is up to, the linky is now a blog hop which you can see below.

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      1. im sorry to hear that, i thought you were helping her with the move, it must be hard for you and i hope i’ve not caused any upset

        1. No, it was a while ago now so no upset caused.

          Tbh, trying to sell it’s been going on so long now, that we’re just relieved to have got rid, when everything else was sorted out well over a year ago.

    1. I’m obsessed with good parking…had it drummed into me by my mum. Was always good at reverse parking, but until I came to this job I ‘d never really had to parallel park. Now after 2.5 years of doing it a lot more, I’m much better. I’d definitely not leave my car like that one!

  1. Your boy is so precious in that first photo, love when children can become involved in crafts on their own.
    I remember when my parents left my childhood home, that was a sad few weeks. Hoping things look up soon!

    1. It’s definitely a sad moment. You don’t really think it will be when you’ve not lived there for so long, but they hold so many memories.

      Thanks for commenting

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