I reviewed a couple of Cutey shamballa bracelets back here.

My topline review was that they’re really sparkly, the colours are really clear, and there’s no way that fastening will break.  Oh, and not forgetting that N was quite taken with them, enjoying counting the beads, so good if you want to help a toddler learn to count rather than wearing them yourself.

But there’s only so many bracelets one girl can wear, so I’m giving one away to a lucky blog reader.

If you’re in the market for a brand spanking sparkly new bracelet, this multi-coloured shamballa bracelet could be yours in a few weeks time.

shamballa bracelet
Cutey multicoloured shamballa bracelet price

As the bracelet’s adjustable, it will fit any wrist and it’s worth an rsp of £18.99

It’s really easy to enter through the rafflecopter entry form below, and don’t forget I will check if you’ve done an entry requirement, so no cheating!

Do let your friends know it’s running and send them over here to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and conditions (the boring bit):

  1. Open to UK entries only.
  2. Closing date is 4th July 2013, 12.59pm
  3. I will share on various social media that the winner’s name is chosen, then email.  The winner will have 5 days to respond, otherwise I’ll chose another winner.
  4. Prize will be posted out within 3 working days of having winners address.



    My white gold and diamond engagement ring x

  2. Alice Beaumont

    My favourite is my pandora bracelet it means so much to me

  3. Emily Hutchinson

    I’ve got a necklace with a viking rune on it, it was inspired by a recent visit to Iceland.

  4. Rachel Clark

    A necklace made from a fork which I bought from a lovely Zimbabwean man, I love it!

  5. My little gold and black love heart bracelets from Urban Outfitters 🙂 x

  6. Helen McCarron

    Apart from my wedding ring, it would have to be the necklace my parents gave me when I graduated.

  7. Ella Dublin

    Bracelets! My favourite has daisies on 🙂

  8. jacquelinecc

    My engagement ring, sapphire and diamonds is beautiful.

  9. hannahlw85

    I have 2 which I cant say 1 is more favourited than the other. 1 is the ring from my Mum for my 18th which means the world to me as she’s no longer here. The other is my Mums engagement ring, It was my Dad’s grandmother’s ring so has come down the family over the years, and I have it safely put away to either use it myself or to give to any child I have. Both have huge sentimental value to them.

  10. sam bailey

    My favourite item is my Guess watch, it was the last birthday present my parents bought me before they passed and i never ever ever ever want it to stop x

  11. Micky Ricketts

    My Pandora’s bracelet as after much hinting my partner brought me one for Mothers day from my little ones.

  12. Maggie Coates

    My wedding ring and engagement ring, but also a cheap necklace that belonged to my late Mother.

  13. Claire Appleton

    My Pandora bracelet because each charm I have has a very special meaning to me 🙂

  14. Kerry Pool

    My beautiful engagement ring, which looks even better now it has a wedding ring sat underneath it 🙂

  15. Rachael Jones Mann

    my necklace of a black & silver glass heart that my son bought for me on my birthday 🙂

  16. Jennie Jackson Mse

    I love the necklace my mum gave me – she wore it on her wedding day

  17. Gem Clark

    my nomination bracelet, was a pressie for my 30th birthday

  18. janine atkin

    my ring that my boyfriend got me for xmas

  19. Lesley Bain

    A necklace which was a gift from my children 🙂 x

  20. ClairejB

    I think I have to say my engagement ring or my partner will be a bit miffed! 🙂

  21. zebedee01

    My gold chain which my fiancé bought me x

  22. June Gaynor

    The butterfly earrings I just got for my birthday off my OH. I love butterflies!

  23. LeeLee Doodygirl Mse Newsome

    My bracelet from my kids

  24. Carrie-Anne Brown

    my ring my other half propsed to me with 🙂

  25. Claire GriffithssoontobeAldrid

    i love necklaces 🙂

  26. Chloe Shipman

    A ring my mum bought me for my 21st birthday

  27. Laura Silver

    My favourite item of jewellery is definitely earrings. Theres just such a huge selection and I love the drop earrings and hoops. If I didnt have kids, my guilty pleasure would be earrings <3

  28. Maria Taylor

    i love all jewellery bu especially old brooches because they are really sparkly, and I collect them like a magpie

  29. Linda Hobbis

    My engagement ring and a crucifix hubby bought for me from Jerusalem.

  30. jenniwren12

    my diamond and sapphire ring bought for me by my hubby

  31. A heart-shaped necklace given to me by a very dear friend 🙂

  32. carilvs1

    My fave is the necklace I’m now wearing. It was made lovingly by my daughter this morning at playgroup out of pasta, buttons, beads and various unidentifiable objects

  33. Amez2012

    My engagement ring definitely! So special to me!

  34. Adele Hill

    My Pandora bracelet that my husband bought me for my birthday a few years ago and my kids have bought me charms for it over the last couple of years . so every charm has a speacial meaning to me.

  35. Sam Dennis

    I love my beautiful gold locket my grandma gave me for my 16th birthday.

  36. Cat Whittall

    My favourite piece of jewellery is my wedding ring, my husband had it engraved for me and I love it

  37. joanne thomas

    my wedding ring that my husband had made on the orkney isle

  38. Elaine Savage

    Silver Celtic ring from a lovely holiday in Wales

  39. I have a celtic cross on a silver chain left to me from my father after he passed away. I will treasure it until my own passing…

  40. Karen Barrett

    My rose gold bracelet made from my Grandads watch chain

  41. Caroline H

    I have a big silver ring I bought in France. It wasn’t expensive and I’ve had it for years but I still love it.

  42. Sarahann

    My red heart necklace. I bought it from a craft fayre years ago for 99p and I love it. So unique and pretty 🙂

  43. Clare Illustrated Laydee Allen

    My wedding ring 🙂

  44. John Cheshire

    I consider my Seiko watch to be an item of jewellery with two-tone stainless steel case and bracelet, dark grey face. It is the only item of jewellery wear and I love it.

  45. Jenni Lynch

    A customised pendant of the actual tail of a dolphin I worked with 🙂

  46. amyjbeckett

    A nice bracelet that doesn’t click your clothing

  47. a pendant that my great-great-grandmother left as an heirloom that has been passed down to my Grandmother, my mother and then myself.

  48. kirsty l

    a bracelet that was my great grandmas who I never met

  49. Loren Gorst

    My diamond ring left to me in my Nan’s will. She was my best friend and she passed away when I was 11. But when I turned 18 the best present was receiving her ring 🙂 I never take it off and one day it will belong to my daughter xxx

  50. Rebecca Phillips

    a bracelet that my partner bought me just after we had our son. it has his footprint on the charm 🙂

  51. sam cornford

    A chain and bar that belonged to my dad.

  52. Claire Woods

    a locket with a picture of my son in it.

  53. laura banks

    the necklace my hubby bought me for our first xmas together

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