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Golf Training Toddlers – Plan Toys mini golf set

We’ve recently been sent another Plan Toys set to review as Toadtesters for The Toadstool; this one is the new single mini golf set.  So far, we’ve been really impressed with all the Plan Toys we’ve played with and this follows the same theme.

plan toys golf set

As with all Plan Toys, the wood is sustainable, and the manufacturing process is also eco-friendly.  Compared to the tat (and yes, it was from somewhere like Poundstretcher) plastic golf set that N had previously, the Plan Toys one will last for years.  It’s solidly built, and although it feels chunky, it’s not so heavy that small children can’t cope with it.  We had a helper with our golf playing session, my brother, who is a big golf fan.  He was really impressed with the set and declared it a ‘good feel’.  I think he meant it felt smooth, easy to hold and sat well in the hand!

plan toys mini golf set

Included in the set is one golf club, a ball (complete with painted dimples), a golf ‘hole’ complete to removable flag, and a bunker and fairway, for driving the ball over on the way to the flag.  It’s almost like playing your own mini golf course.  A bag to keep the set in completes it, and really helps with keeping the smaller pieces together in one place.  N’s a nightmare for leaving toys all over the house, so a bag really helps us.

We played in the house initially – a wooden club might not be the best thing to swing around but N’s not that great at hitting balls so I’m pretty safe in the knowledge that he won’t be hitting the ball off the ground.  Then had a go in the garden. 

playing mini golf

We stuck with the patio as the grass was still a bit wet from earlier rain.  The ball coped fine with our patio slabs, and it was easier to hit and see than on the grass (unless you’ve got perfect Wimbledon style lawns)

playing mini golf

uncle playing mini golf

N gave it a good go, but he’s not that great at instructions and didn’t want to hit over the circles we’d put down, or aim for the hole.  He was quite happy just hitting the ball around. 

golfing boy

I can see this being a toy he gets out regularly when we’re playing outdoors, although we might have to invest in the double set in order to have clubs for friends to play with as well.

The single mini golf set is available from The Toadstool, currently priced at £18.

Disclosure: As Toadtesters, we received the Plan Toys single mini golf set to review.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. That’s fantastic! E would love this, I think he’d be really serious for a bit and Really focus on it and then he’d get bored and start hitting it everywhere haha !

    1. Yep, we have the boredom, then the set gets used as a Gator or tractor tool, and driven round the garden. I have to retrieve it before it gets left outside

    1. My brother would love it if his nephew ended up playing golf professionally, but I’d rather he played a sport I knew more about – tennis maybe?! Although anything that helps coordination gets my count

  2. I love this! I love wooden toys and this is a lovely set. I bet it would be great fun to play with over the summer.

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