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How to keep hydrated using reusable water bottles

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I love a new reusable water bottle. Each year seems to see more brands on the market, and I’m sure many people have seen the mad scenes from the limited edition pink Stanley tumbler release. We have quite a few reusable bottles, although we use them in rotation and for different purposes to help us keep hydrated. Both at home and when out and about.

N’s taken after me in a love of a reusable water bottle. We’ve been sent them in the past to review, both Ion 8 and Super Sparrow brands. And we’ve received and given them as gifts, freebies from work and events, and N’s had them in party bags.

I drink a lot of water at work and at home. When I’m out and about I can never travel light because I do like to have a bag that’s big enough to pop in a water bottle. It’s so important to stay hydrated and anything that makes it easier to drink more water is good in my book.

stay hydrated with ion8 water bottle - Bubbablue and me

Benefits of drinking water

We all need water to live, so it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day. We’re told 8 glasses of water a day, or 1 1/2 to 2 litres of water is good for most people. You may need more if you are more active. Here’s some of the benefits of drinking the water that you need.

  • It replaces water the body has lost.
  • It helps lubricate the joints which means shock absorbing properties are maintained.
  • Drinking water ahead of snacks or meals will reduce the impact of sugary drinks, helping reduce tooth decay.
  • Helps form saliva and mucus to keep our mouth, nose and eyes moist and working properly.
  • It boosts skin health and makes skin look healthier.
  • Deydration can impact brain function.
  • It helps the blood circulate more freely around the body.
  • It helps regulate body temperature especially when it gets hot.
  • It’s needed for a healthy digestive system and to flush out bodily wastes, including reducing constipation.
  • Helps rehydrate during or after drinking alcohol.
  • It helps keep airways clear and reduces worsening of allergies and asthma.
  • Water helps prevent kidney damage as they regulate fluid in the body.
  • Research has partially shown how water can help increase sports performance.
  • Drinking water before eating can reduce overeating by feeling full.

Tips to keep hydrated

1, Start early. I always drink more water in the mornings, so start with some before you head downstairs to get you on your way.

2, Always have water on the table at mealtimes, even alongside other drinks

3, Sit water on your desk – have a large bottle and add ice cubes to keep it cooler and poor into a glass as you need it, if you don’t like drinking out of a bottle

4, Carry a water bottle with you when out and about. You can even buy collapsable water bottles (although I’ve never got on with those myself. Most cafes and restaurants will refill water bottles for you if asked. There’s a refill app you can use which tells you where you can find places to refill.

5, If you struggle with water, find ways to enjoy it. Trying infusing it with fruit. Weak squash and tea also count towards your water intake. As does warm, hot or ice cold water. Me I’m all for cold, but my OH sits his glass on the aga to warm it (bleurgh).

6, Set phone reminders to drink a certain amount an hour. If you’ve got a Fitbit you can usually track your water intake via their apps.

7. Make it the norm for drinks. Especially with children. They’ll get used to drinking it and it’ll help their teeth having less sugary drinks.

Review of Ion8 water bottle

My latest discovery has been my Ion8 water bottle that I was sent to review.  What’s the one thing that bugs you (or more likely you about your children’s) water bottles?  Leaking.  But with the Ion8 leakproof water bottles you don’t need to worry about that.

The Ion8 water bottle has a really clever flip lid with a lock.  Think like a mason jar clip with its seal. Ion8 bottle lids are just like that, but less bulky and more satisfying when you pop the lid up. My work colleagues think I’m a bit nuts about mine, but I couldn’t stop telling them about it.  No more twisting the top up to drink out.  And with a lid to cover the drinking spout, it’s a lot more hygienic.

lid and lock of ion8 bottle

In moving away from one use disposable water bottles, the Ion8 bottles are:

  • BPA free
  • Bisphenol-A free
  • Have no phthlates

And are made from non-toxic Triton.  All making them safe to drink from over and over again as well as being dishwashable and odour resistant.

Other features I like are that it’s a rigid bottle with a fast flow to drink from. No having to squeeze the bottle, or sip a bit then stop to let the air flow back in. Cleverly, these bottle have a tiny hole which means the air flows once the water is drunk, meaning you can drink the whole bottle in one go with no problems.  The only downside is that means I have to refill my bottle more frequently because it’s easier to drink more.

You can use Ion8 for cold or hot drinks.

ion8 water bottle 500ml

Mine is a 500ml bottle  and I love that there’s a handle loop so you can hang it off a bag if you’ve not got room to pop it in.  There are plenty of choices of colour and sizes, from the child’s 350ml to the massive 1L. Pop that on your desk to make sure you drink enough. With measurements on the side you can keep a check if you’re getting the right amount of water each day.

N has put in his order for a bottle – promised to him when he completes his reward chart.  Not only does he want a bottle (probably blue, although I’m liking the look of the grey), he’s also requested a fruit infuser insert.

ion8 water bottle (1)

How do you keep hydrated?

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  1. Every time I’ve been to the toilet I grab a glass of water to “replace” the water lost

  2. I always have plenty of chilled water in the fridge, and dilute it a little with various low sugar squashed whenever the taste of ‘just water’ gets too much for me.

  3. Always start the day with a few big glasses of water and make sure I carry water with me

  4. I try to take a drink with me where ever I go but I’ll admit I could try harder.

  5. i try to keep water or squash with me as much as i can but must admit i’d not very good at it and must try harder

  6. I make sure I drink lots at work. I can have days sometimes where I get so busy and forget to drink water, so I now take a bottle to work and make sure I have another one in the fridge for when I run low. If I don’t plan ahead I just don’t drink!

  7. I fill a big jug up at the beginning of the day and place it in the fridge. I then make sure I drink it all by the end of the day so I know I have had a minimum of 2 litres! I also try and have a glass of water before every meal!

  8. Refill a 2 litre bottle everyday so I can keep an eye on how much I am drinking throughout the day.

  9. when at work i take a fruit infusion bottle so i can add lemon or lime in it if i wanted to or just water, i need to drink more water at home as well.

  10. I have two water bottles filled with water and use one at a time, ensuring I have chilled water available at all times

  11. I always have a water bottle to hand and I have certain points at the day I refill it (so it’d better be empty by then lol) as well as making sure I always have a flask for hot drinks in the afternoon and evening.

    I used to drink very little and then started having to drink a LOT for medical reasons so had to completely change my ways. However, now it’s habit it’s amazing how easy I find it.

  12. I half fill a 2 litre bottle with water and leave it in the freezer overnight. The next morning I take it out and fill up with water so I have ice cold water all day long. Just keep topping it up and put back in the freezer when it becomes low again

  13. Keep a bottle of water with me on the office desk rather than tea or coffee

  14. We have a water dispenser on the fridge and we all have reusbale water bottles

  15. I always have my Ion8 water bottle on me which I won in a comp, grandson wants one now

  16. I measure out in morning & drink throughout the day, ensuring that jug is empty by bedtime.

  17. I have a bottle of water in my room. I use it through the night as I’m a light sleeper.

  18. I carry a bottle with me and also leave a 1.5l bottle on my desk at work so I know I should drink it all through the day

  19. I drink tea and juices during the day and take a water bottle with me when i am out and encouraging my son to up his fluids at primary too.

  20. I always have a water bottle with me and it would be so nice to have one that doesn’t leak.

  21. I’m terrible at drinking enough, I carry a bottle of water wherever I go (but even then I rarely drink it!) I just have to force myself to drink whenever I remember.

  22. I don’t, in all honesty. I have a water bottle I move around the building with me but it leaks so I tend to leave it on the desk and that’s usually where it stays until I realise I’m soooo thirsty!

  23. I make sure I drink at least 8 glasses of water a day while at work, it also gives me time to take my eyes off the screen when fetching it.

  24. I log my water on Fitbit . This bottle sounds great, thanks for the chance to win.

  25. Don’t know if Decaf coffee counts toward it. Other than that I drink a full glass when I take my meds x

  26. I make sure I walk to the water filter from my desk every hour to top up.

  27. I drink weak squash as I don’t like just plain water, although I’m not so good at drinking water in the winter.

  28. I’m really bad at drinking enough so this gorgeous pink water bottle would remind me to drink more

  29. I do a lot of walking so always make sure I have a water bottle with me to keep me hydrated. When I am at home I have a filter water jug in the fridge to keep nice and cold and refreshing

  30. I’m on a diet plan and have to drink 3 litres a day so I keep a stock of bottled water I drink it from the bottles if I go out anywhere

  31. I have a pint of water every night and a glass bottle at work that I refill during the day

  32. I fill a jug of water and keep in the fridge and make sure I drink it all over the course of the day.

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