chasing the storm clouds by gator

‘Alligator’ or kids John Deere gator driving

N’s been really lucky this week…he’s finally inherited his cousins’ kids John Deere Gator.  The Gator’s been going a long time as it was a freebie thrown in with a tractor purchase about 9 years ago.  It’s been used by 2 of N’s cousins, and now the 5 year old has passed it on to N.

So this week has been all about the Gator.  Or alligator as N seems to call it.

sunset gator driving

Every evening N’s wanted to go out and play on it, and every morning he’s woken and looked out of the window to check where it is.  Woe betide if his dad’s forgotten to charge the battery overnight.

He is so funny driving it.  It’s not taken him long to get the fast and slow gears, and reverse. Our garden’s a good size, but as there’s no fence dividing our lawn and his grandparents’, he’s got a long ride down their lawn as well, and round the other side of their house before coming back to ours again.

chasing the storm clouds by gator

He’s been transporting items like football cones, watering can, and weeds.  I did go out one evening to find him digging up the geraniums we’d only planted the day before and putting those in the bucket.  I’m not sure what he was planning to do with them, but thankfully I found them and replanted them before he’d disappeared off with them somewhere.

One day he waited until he was past the side of our house, before stripping his clothes off and driving naked over to the other house.  To say Granny had a shock when she looked out of their window, was an understatement!

Thankfully he’s not tried putting the dog in the back bucket (that honour went to his dad…should have known better!).  But he’s already got lists of who’s allowed on his ‘alligator’.

Obviously his cousin is allowed to ride on it.  Supposedly only the 2 of them are special and can do the driving.  However, he’s allowing 2 of his girl friends, to ride on it with him (I’m a bit concerned that he was offering that they could sit in the bucket!).  Oh, and his best friends from both nurseries he goes to. It turns out though, that he was inviting all the children at nursery school to come over and play in the garden with his alligator.

I’m glad that it’s lasted until being passed on to N.  Hopefully he’ll get as much use out of it as his cousins did.

Have your children inherited toys from family members?

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    1. Oh yes. Just wish I had one for myself…how lazy could I be then. I’m training him up to be the postboy and collect any post from the farm for us in it!

  1. What a great hand me down. Don’t know if it’s big enough to squeeze an adult on but I’d want to have a quick go on it too! #letkidsbekids

  2. Lol! Wow, that looks fantastic, my son would have absolutely loved that! He is even driving one handed like a pro!!
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  3. Oh wowzers, my little boy would simply love one of those. Toys tractors are his all time favourite and a ride on one would be even better. May have to look into this now! x

    1. We were originally looking at second hand ones which are still quite pricy. But thankfully we didn’t have to pay out and got the handmedown instead

  4. Monkey would be in heaven with this – John Deere is ‘the’ brand as far as he in concerned. The highlight of visiting my parents in Spain is a trip to the local John Deere dealership. I think the staff think that this English family are a bit strange!!

    1. It’s John Deere here too as that’s what tractors we have at the moment. Plus his overalls are green to match. Although he has got other colour tractors too – a Fastrac and a red Case.

      We’ve got a farm dealer about 300 metres up the road. Used to be John Deere but they lost it, so now is something random. But N’s not yet really twigged that he could go there with his dad. I think he’s more interested in the tractor toys choice that is stocked at an agricultural stores/tools place about 15 minutes away.

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