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Project 365: week 24 photos

Real mix of photos this week for Project 365.  We’re now at week 24…it’ll be Christmas before we know it.  Sorry!

We’ve had tonnes of outdoor play this week thanks to the glorious weather and N’s inherited Gator from his cousins.  Plus I’m back on healthy eating and exercise in the hope I’ll make a reasonable dent in the stones I have to lose over the summer.

project 365

Sunday we went to Tractor Ted’s Farm Show and had a great time.  By the evening N had got over his tiredness via a nap on the journey home and decided he wanted to Aquadoodle.  He drew his first ever face…as we talked through the facial parts, he drew them on, although the end product was a bit overdone.  Very exciting as usually he just scribbles everywhere.

I love getting shots of the sun like this, and Monday was just one of the days where there were great opportunities for evening photos.  Some great cloud formations, threatening rain, and then beautiful weather.

Tuesday was day 2 of my diet and exercise.  I’m swimming with a colleague at lunchtimes (outdoor pool is bliss…I’m hoping it doesn’t get too busy as it’s 50 metres and the lane I go in is so wide, when you go clockwise that’s a lot of space to cover moving to the other side to return up the pool.  I get less swimming in!).  I’ve been taking lots of gorgeous salads to work for lunch.

The gator has been travelling with N each evening (and most mornings if the battery’s been charged), and Wednesday he’d roped Granny in to helping him on the swing from one of the trees near the farmyard.  The angle’s never great for getting photos there because the diesel tanks and barns are just behind, so the background is usually hideous, hence the funny long angle shot!

This week’s been glorious weather.  Yes a couple of rain showers, but beautiful and warm otherwise.  Work haven’t quite managed on the air conditioning front.  The people in control of the air con sit by a breezy open door while everyone else swelters.  I was following an ice cream van home on Thursday…it’d be great if morning the coffee man came, but in afternoons, an ice cream van came to work.

Friday and it was another late working night for the OH.  Now they’re mowing, it’s working til almost midnight to get things done before rain comes again.  So we can do our own thing and timings.  I just couldn’t believe how much N ate.  He just kept going.  He’s always been a good eater, but sometimes he still amazes me.  I’m dreading the teenage years and how much it’s going to cost by then!

Saturday was a normal ‘jobs’ day.  A mooch round town which surprisingly saw us get everything on our list.  N always moans he’s hungry in the mornings…even after 3 snacks he was still saying he wanted a drink and was hungry.  As he’d been good during shopping, I agreed we’d go for a break to a coffee shop.  It’s a bit worrying at how he says ‘let’s go for coffee, have you got money mummy?’ and knows where the Costa is we tend to go to in that part of town.  I don’t even drink coffee, but I still say that.  I decided to try their new Ginger Beer (bit spicy for me, so I’ll be opting back for the strawberry lemonade in future), and we tried their chocolate and mint fancy which was delicious.  Not healthy, but I decided to use today as a treat day, and will be back on the diet tomorrow.

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  1. You always need a treat when going down the healthy eating and exercise route. I’ve been over treating lately and need to have a push for summer! Lovely pics of the boy 🙂

    1. Overtreating – that’s my life for the last 3 years. Have to get healthy again otherwise finding it hard now to do things I wouldn’t have found awkward before. Plus it’s costing me a packet in new clothes.

  2. The sky photo is beautiful. I really need to get back into the healthy eating and exercise thing too (I say as I’m drinking coffee with biscuits…!)

  3. gosh Emma what a super hard worker your hubby is!! he must be shattered after working that long. your a far better shopper than me i never find anything on my lists! lol x

    1. It’s definitely about time. Tried several times and did really well just before christmas, then piled it all back on and more since then

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