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Keepsake boxes

A keepsake box is something  that’s quite often mentioned in baby magazines or when talking with friends or family members….ooh first shoes, for the keepsake box, first tooth, first outfit etc.  I decided to have a vague keepsake box but it’s all a bit half-hearted.  I reckon it’s more of a female thing to do – I quite like looking back over momentos, old photos, my little wedding keepsake box etc, but I can really see (m)any of my male friends, brother, OH doing the same.  But I’ve got a box for N (I think I may need to get a larger one though as it’s already full).

The kind of things that I’ve put in, are:

  • his first shoes along with the (grouchy) photo of him having them fitted in Clarks (he wasn’t well, so was in a really foul mood for the photo)
  • certificates of various things (his swimming year completion, his first sponsored effort)
  • newspapers from the day he was born (needless to say we didn’t think about that at the time, but there’re websites you can get them from down the line) – one ‘tabloid’, one broadsheet – although depressingly they feature lots of pages about a big murder case happening at the time.  Maybe I’ll have to scrapbook the more pleasant articles/ads instead of keeping the entire paper.  Lucky children born this summer who’d have all the Olympics fun and excitement!
  • Hospital tag
  • First piece of ‘artwork’

I’m also going to get a little journal book, and properly write up all his firsts that I’ve kept a note of.  It’s all very well having a blog to keep track of the big things, but I’ll never remember all the small firsts that are just as important to remember.

There’s bound to be lots of milestones he’ll hit and experience that I can include; I reckon it’ll be a case of trying to streamline and keep a reasonable sized box instead of ending up with a huge trunk.

Do you have a keepsake box for your children and what do you have in them?

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  1. I keep lots of things too! I also kept the pages of the Radio Times for the day that they were born. For my son I kept a few bits of packaging, like for some of the first foods he ate, his toothpaste, and a couple of the information leaflets that I was given. I thought that they might be interesting for me to look back on! I’m pretty good about not keeping too much artwork, although I know that we have years of that ahead of us. I just throw things out straight away so that I don’t get too attached!

    1. I’ve been taking photos of his ‘artwork’. Have a few pinterest ideas of things that we can make out of it, but I’m sure the OH will just chuck it all if he comes across it. Radio Times was a good idea.

  2. I started writing letters to Thunderpants although I think it was relating to my PND that I first started doing it. Now we keep a lot of things , like you , her firsts. We kept the outfit that she came home from hospital in, her hospital bracelet and her first piece of hair after her first hair cut. I’m sure that there are some other things but pregnancy has made my memory terrible 🙂 Lovely post!

    1. Thanks for your comment. It’s lovely to hear what other people do as well. I do think the letters are a lovely idea. That’d be lovely to do on each birthday.
      (Hope the pregnancy’s going smoothly)

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