Keto diet week 3 and meal ideas

Keto diet week 3 plus meal ideas

I’m a little behind on my diet updates.  This week was a harder one – too much nice stuff around, so I did have nibbles on the lemon pudding I made for Sunday pudding (delicious as always, but it tasted soooo sweet now I’ve been having a lot less ‘sugar’).

I’m still finding it easy enough to cook and enjoy the meals which is always the hardest part.  Thankfully just a small tweak means you can have a totally different taste, and there’s lots of flexibility.

Keto diet week 3 and meal ideas

The big watch out for changing my diet was checking my INR result from my prick test. I have a range I need to stay within, and mostly I’m in that range with the occasional blip – depending on where in a monthly cycle I am, if the weather’s gone a lot colder, or if I ate a lot of greens the day before. I’d hoped that because my body should now be used to the diet after 3 weeks, my levels would have evened out.  My test result did blip down outside my range, but no more than it sometimes does (and it could also have been down to monthly cycle timings). So I’ve had a slight increase in my warfarin and we’ll see how it is in next week’s test.  Hopefully that’ll now be consistent again.

Keto diet results

Weight wise I only lost a lb at the start of the week, but with time of the month due I know I would usually stay static but then drop the week after. So I’m not too worried about not losing much.

Keto lunches

Lunches have been either leftovers, or meat – chicken, ham or mince with veg or salad, and cheese.  With a bit of yoghurt and berries sometimes for pudding.  I did have one day where after work was chaos with N’s birthday and 3 people turning up with presents etc.  It meant by the time they’d all gone, I didn’t want food by that stage as it was too late.

I did try making keto 90 second bread with a mix of almond and coconut flour and that was much nicer.  But the best was keto chocolate mousse.  Delicious and a nice treat on Saturday after dinner.  With my sweet tooth, I don’t think I should have many puddings though, as sweet chocolate things are my downfall.  If I starting thinking they’re healthy foods to have, I might start lapsing too frequently and I want to stay on track as well as possible.

Week 3 Keto dinner examples:

  • Stir fry veg with leftover roast chicken
  • Chicken stir fry with katsu sauce and mozzarella
  • Omelette with tuna, spring onions, pepper and salad
  • Sausage lasagne with courgettes (I hadn’t allowed enough time to prep aubergines)
  • Roast chicken with veg.

I’ve been a bit rubbish with dinner, falling back on stir fries because they’re so quick and easy. I need to do my planning before I do my Friday shop so I’m having something each day.

So onto week 4 and will see how that goes.

Hopefully anyone else dieting is having a good time of it. Let me know if you want any of the recipes and I’ll start linking to them or adding a few of my own concoctions.

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