keto week 7

Keto diet week 7 – skipping a week and keto meal ideas

Ok, so it’s actually week 8 since I started my keto diet, but we were away for some of half term. I’d decided that I’d try and stick to the diet while eating out and in the hotel, but being with a friend’s parents wouldn’t really be polite to be picky about my food.  In the end the first lunch away made me cave in…I ordered a salad but it came with a delicious looking multigrain crusty chunk of bread. 

So I decided that the 4 days we were away I’d just eat sensibly and get back to the diet afterwards. Sometimes it’s good to have a breather, as long as you don’t go nuts eating all the bad stuff.

So I’m classing last week as being week 7 completed and ignoring the real week 7 half term..  

Return from holiday

Getting back into eating keto was fine. No keto flu, no headaches, and no cravings. I’d put on 5lb when I weighed myself from the previous week which I didn’t think was too bad. By a couple of days later, I was only 1lb off what I’d been before going away. So a few days off my diet wasn’t too damaging. I’m back on track.

keto week 7

Diet week 7

It’s been a bit of a damp squib of a week. I’ve had a cold and N has had tonsillitis. I’ve managed to make a variation of their meal for me so the diet has continued on track. The only hard thing is remembering not to have cough sweets.

Keto cheesecake fat balls

This week I’ve tried out some more fat balls. I really liked the coconut chocolate ones, but wasn’t keen on the cinnamon ones I tried. Way too buttery and spicy for me.  This week I tried cheesecake balls. They were quite buttery again, and I didn’t like the ‘chocolate’ topping, but they were worth a try to enable me to have a sweet treat.

The recipe I used was over at Fat for weightloss. My issues were that there’s too much butter, I mixed it by hand so it wasn’t a smooth cheesecake layer. The topping wasn’t chocolatey enough for me – I’d rather have just not had it on there.  But I shall be looking up alternative recipes. 

This week I also made chocolate mousse for pudding on Sunday.  I used really dark chocolate (85% cocoa solids) rather than using my low sugar/low carb chocolate drops. It was a very bitter recipe – N wasn’t keen, but they were tiny portions because they were such a strong flavour. With it basically being a normal recipe, the OH couldn’t moan he was eating diet food. He didn’t understand that I can eat that recipe as part of my diet either.

Keto meal ideas

I only tried 2 new meals this week, and both were variations of a normal meal. Both tasted good so I’m looking forward to trying them again. It was also pancake day this week, but I just did my own coconut flour pancakes.

Meals this week included

  • Chicken stir fries
  • Meatballs in tomatoes with cheese, and sugar snap peas
  • Roast chicken and veg
  • Fathead dough pizza 
  • Shepherds pie with cauliflower ‘mash’

The cauliflower mash was ok – nowhere near as nice as mashed potato, but adding enough butter, some black pepper and a bit of nutmeg made it taste ok. Certainly not of cauliflower. I just made myself a small version with the cauliflower on top as I knew the OH and N would want potato.

But fathead pizza…delicious. Basically fathead dough is made from mozzarella, cream cheese and some almond flour. Yes, it’s a bit cheesy-ish, but the texture is quite like a thin pizza base, and it tasted really good. 

So now onto week 8 and hopefully at the end of that I’ll hit my 3 stone lost.  Down a dress size, and noticing the difference now. 

If you’re trying to lose weight, how is it going? What are your favourite healthy meals?

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    1. Glad to help. Everyone I’ve spoken to who’s done keto has been really pleased with it. It feels a lot more straightforward than something like slimming world. Good luck with it.

  1. Ahh! I think you are allowed to bend the rules while you are away on holiday. It sounds like the break from the diet didn’t do much harm.
    I hope you and N both feel better soon.
    I love the sound of the Fathead dough x

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