Let’s talk food

Food. One of my favourite topics, and I think probably one of N’s too.  He seems to spend a lot of time eating when not sleeping/playing.

So food…

Feeding a baby does create a lot of food waste even if the baby does eat well.  There’s only so much chewed up leftovers that I would want to pick at!  Luckily our council is hot on recycling so we have a food waste bin.  It makes you really think about how much waste you have.  We also have dogs, so leftover meat can go to them, and when we have pigs on the farm, they’re not allowed the peelings.  

N tends to eat our leftovers/extra cooking the day after we have it but he doesn’t seem too worried, and it does mean that I don’t need to worry about cooking a little bit too much and I don’t need to moan at the OH for not eating the second portion I’d allowed for (he always used to want seconds, but hasn’t as much recently – just wish he’d tell me in advance how hungry he was that day).

Over the 3 months that N’s been on solids he’s eaten so many different foods. One day I’ll write up all of them that I’ve recorded.  Yesterday was his favourite dinner – roast beef, yorkshire pudding, roast potato, and veg (he even ate his carrots yesterday; being from the garden they were so much softer and sweeter than shop bought ones).  And then a bit of fruit cake for afters.  He loved that (shame I hate it, so won’t be baking that for him…he’ll have to rely on Granny for that one!).

I’m looking forward to all the other new foods he’ll try and love (because so far he’s not really been fussy or turned down anything in particular).

How are your children with fussiness with food?

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