Review: Max Factor Elixir 2 in 1 serum and foundation

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As part of a Supersavvyme savvy circle testing campaign, I’ve been trying out the new 2 in 1 foundation & serum from [amazon_textlink asin=’B005W1BBQY’ text=’Max Factor’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’bubbaandme-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’9e5b4e5f-d6c7-11e8-988a-834d3149f0d7′].  I was quite excited about this as I never remember to use serum even though I’m over 30 and should really be starting to use such things and anything that’s a short cut is pretty much always good in my opinion…especially when you’ve not got an awful lot of beautifying time in the mornings while a little one is scrabbling around ready to play.  The packaging is nice too – not too functional, but slim and sleek looking.  It looks expensive but at not much more than a tenner, it’s pretty good value.

The colour I was sent to try was natural – seemed to be a good colour for me and blended in really well to my skin.  It went on really smoothly and I didn’t need to squirt out a lot to use each time – the product would last a long time.  I used my fingers but you could use a cosmetic sponge instead.

The serum made it feel quite greasy when I was putting it on, but it left my skin feeling really soft.  I am a Max Factor lasting performance foundation user usually as I need quite a lot of coverage and also find my make up disappears by about lunchtime, so I was expecting to have problems with this 2 in 1 foundation.  And yes, it got absorbed too quickly into my skin, there wasn’t really enough coverage for me and my skin did feel a bit greasy after a few days of using.

While it felt nice on intially, I think it’s not the product for me.  If you’ve got normal-oily skin I’d suggest avoiding (I’m definitely an oil free product user), but if you use serum on a regular basis and want to cut down the number of products you’re using, then it’s a great idea.  If you’ve got good skin (no spots) then it’ll make your skin feel and look quite dewy – should be good for making the skin look younger.

Update: Interestingly, I reverted back to this product, and now it’s the only foundation I use.  I think my skin’s dried out a bit which helps, but also adding moisture also seems to help regulate combination skin.  It doesn’t stay on as long as my last foundation, but blends in better, and combined with a powder it’s fine.

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