Love those (nearly) new toys

Yesterday was the first local NCT nearly new toy sale.  It was different to the usual sales in that it was a table top one, just selling toys/games/books, so people booked a table and sold their own stuff.  I wasn’t sure how it would work, as usually you grab what you want then find other similar items, compare condition & price and make your choice.  This way, you have to either make a decision there and then, or remember where you saw the item and see if you can find it cheaper elsewhere.

The sale was much smaller as well, with only a few sellers (plus a second area with a few stalls selling new items such as fingerprint jewellery, cupcakes, baby gifts, prints and books), but it did mean there was lots of room to take a buggy in which is something I’d never dream of doing at the usual sales scrummage.

Being an NCT member, we got let in early.  I had an idea of what I was after – pull along toys, shape sorters etc – and did my usual shopping style…scan and grab, asking the price where necessary.  I have to say, I hate it when people sell without pricing their items.  It makes me think they’re just thinking up a price on the spot depending on what you look like (maybe I should have tested the theory and asked later to see if the same price cropped up).

Unfortunately there wasn’t anything that I was really after, although I did manage to find one pull-along toy (little dog thing on the photo below).  Was pretty pleased to have found one of the old style (that we all had as children) wooden push trolleys complete with wooden alphabet blocks for the bargain price of £3.  Also picked up a cool fire engine complete with 2 little people and an off button (always important when it comes to children’s toys, it’s remarkable how few actually have one) for about £4, and a workbench for a fiver.

In the new section, I found a lovely print of a tractor with a hen.  Perfect for a room present for N.  All I need is a white frame and it’ll go brilliantly inbetween the 2 frames I’ve already made for his room with a transport theme.  It’s a green tractor too – just like the OH’s.

So all in all, although it was fairly limited on the buying front, what I did buy was great and will last N a while.  He seems pretty chuffed with the trolley which he’s been pushing round like a lunatic, the blocks (loves banging them together and knocking down towers), and the fire engine.  The other bits have been put away for his birthday.  And all for around £15.  Oh, and the balloon he was given went down well too!

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