hillman imp car at cotswold motor museum

Bourton on the Water Model Village and Cotswold Motor Museum

Having previously been to Birdland, this time it was a trip to the Model Village at Bourton on the Water, and the Cotswold Motor Museum in the same village.

I love living where we do as we’re so central to so many places.  Yes, miles from the sea, but we can get to many places within 1 ½ hours.  Towards the end of the summer, having driven nearby several times in recent months to go to Bristol, Treefest and Moreton Show, I thought it was time for a return visit to Bourton-on-the-Water. 

The weather was looking good so we headed over there early to avoid the crush once it gets busier.  The official parking in Bourton is extortionate.  Even on a Sunday, it would have cost more than a fiver for a couple of hours, so we parked in a field, where the farmer had obviously decided to cash in on cheaper parking, by offering all day parking for only £3.  Bargain, plus N liked the idea of being parked in a field.

Model Village Bourton on the Water

We headed to the Model Village Bourton on the Water first of all.  I love these, having been brought up on Bekonscot when I was a young child, and then having visited this one during my pre-teen years.  N was definitely taken with it too.

Bourton on the water model village 2

Nothing like feeling like a giant when you’re only 3 and a half!

Giant boy measuring himself against a model house

The place was quite busy even though it was early, from a bus load of Germans.  We whizzed round, had a look through the periscope, checked out the choir singing in the church, which N was intrigued by

model village church

And tried to open every single gate he saw.

I love the way every model village has a model village of the model village of the model village etc.

overseeing the model village

Cotswold Motor Museum

Afterwards we wandered alongside the river to find the Cotswold Motor Museum.  I’d never been there before and wondered what we’d see. 

Cotswold motor museum

Then we were shown through the doors and emerged into a historical labyrinth of what seemed like never-ending rooms of cars, vehicles and vehicle memorabilia.  If you’ve got any interest at all about cars or travel, then this museum is definitely worth a visit.

oxo van at cotswold motor museum

Even for young children who’re incapable of staying power and concentrating on one thing for a decent amount of time, it can hold the attention.  Mainly because there’s so much to look at, there’s no way you’d be able to see everything.  It’s definitely a case of finding items that attract you and spending some time looking and talking about those.

hillman imp car at cotswold motor museum

What is great, is that throughout the museum there are toy and activity tables set up for children.  In the caravan area there was a picnic set, in another area, a cogs and wheel activity toy.  They kept N entertained when he was trying to rush through from place to place and gave me some time to look around properly.

play tea at motor museum

We went through the ages, and then found the more recent cars of the 70s and 80s, along with a 60s psychedelic room.  There’s also a random blacksmith’s forge as you go between 2 of the rooms.

motorcycle football at cotswold motor museum

The final area is the toys – any type of toy with wheels is pretty much on display.  Skates, trains, prams, Dinky cars.  Trying to stop N from touching everything was pretty difficult but it was great to see him showing a real interest and asking about the old toys.  I think he wanted to take the sit on tractor home!

ride on vintage tractor toy

It’s a really great, deceptively small museum.  I even managed to escape out into daylight without being cajoled into buying a new tractor or car in the shop.

After a quick lunch, we had an ice cream and lolly by the river.  It’s so relaxing down there, and lovely to see some of the children paddling in the river.

bourton on the water river

It was just getting busy as we left, so getting there early was a must for a relaxing walk along the river.

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Do you have any favourite walks along rivers near you?

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    1. That’s weird. I remember going with my cousins when they were down to visit. I managed to get in for an under 12, but my cousin who’s younger didn’t. Funny what you remember

  1. Those museums look fab – my boys would love them! You’ve reminded me – I keep meaning to take them to the National Railway Museum in York. Definitely something to plan for the next couple of months.

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