boy with oak tree twig trendy thursday

Trendy Thursday – September Shorts

It feels so strange that N’s still in shorts and we’re over halfway through September.  But it’s still wonderful weather with beautiful John Keats’ ‘Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’.  We’ve definitely been making the most of both.

My Trendy Thursday spot this week is a post nursery outfit, which was a bit of an accident.

N had a change of clothes at nursery the other day and ended up coming home looking like a bit of a scruff bag, with t shirt hanging out and mucky painted jumper.  He rarely wears a jumper at the moment, but they’d been playing outside in a shadier area, so had his spare one on.

Usually N moans about wearing his pumps because he says they’re too tight.  They were fitted for him fine, so I think it’s because he’s been used to wearing his sandals without socks, hence these are just tighter in comparison.  He refused to wear his socks in the morning, so I was a bit worried he’d end up with horrible sweaty feet or blisters.  I expected him to have changed shoes or at least put on socks, but no, he’d been happy in his pumps.

I took this photo while we were ambling around outside, him with his oak tree twig and leaves, and thought that although he looked a bit scruffy, he also looked quite gangly due to having no socks and slimmer fit shoes.  Maybe it helped that the jumper is an age 3-4 that he’s been wearing for the past year and has now properly grown into it, rather than his usual t shirt and jumpers which tend to be a bit on the ‘grow into it’ spectrum!  So he looked a bit older than usual – definitely looking like he’s growing up.

boy with oak tree twig trendy thursday

Shorts – Tu at Sainsbury’s
Jumper – Tesco
Shoes – Startrite
T-shirt – Mountain Warehouse

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  1. Great post nursery outfit, but he looks so happy so I wouldn’t complain. Leah today looked like a scruff with her dress on but no TShirt underneath it… i’d forgotten to pack a spare outfit and she got soaked at the water table. I should learn… it happens daily! #TT_Thursday

  2. Love the outfit! O is still in shorts a lot at the moment too – the weather is just too nice for autumnal clothes just yet! O also has that stripy jumper so you definitely have good taste 😉

    I have nominated you and your blog for a One Lovely Blog award over on my blog and I’d love for you to take part so that I can read your post 🙂 xx

    1. I’ve seen quite a few with that jumper round our way too. It’s weird because although n wears a lot of supermarket clothes, we don’t see that many people wearing the same, unlike when we were children, we’d see loads wearing the same!

  3. Before I’d read what you’d written I glanced at the photo and thought, wow, N is looking grown up!

    Bless him.. he is becoming a real boy!!

    Love the colours and stripes on him 🙂

    1. I know, he had a bit of a growth spurt, but still isn’t towering compared with others. He’s definitely looking more grown up. Shame he still tells me ‘I can’t get dressed…pull my shorts up’ etc, even though he can. He’s just lazy!

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