relaxing in birkenstocks celebration

Mummy style in the words of a 5 year old

What is mummy style?

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For most mums I know it’s jeans of various styles, or leggings with a variety of tops, boots or ballet pumps, or sandals/Birkenstocks dependent on the season. Any mums who turn up on the school run wearing dresses/skirts and heels (especially those who aren’t in workwear), I’m always impressed with. Because since having N, I have managed to get back in heels other that on the occasional night out.

relaxing in birkenstocks celebration

I live in jeans (or trousers for work, mostly because I don’t have the legs for short skirts….fat calves of differing sizes thanks to 2 DVTs over the years. For N though, it appears he likes it when I do wear a dress.

My dresses only come out for weddings and christenings, and usually it’s a maxi dress.  But it’s funny how N at 5 years old relates these dresses to expectations on where dresses are worn.

With short dresses (I usually wear jersey wrap ones), N always tells me I look like a ballerina.  Rest assured that approaching 40 and definitely not svelte, I don’t wear tutus, but N obviously has an idea that only ballerinas wear shorter skirts.

For a recent christening I wore a maxi dress.  This time as I was trying to rush and get dressed, N told me

‘Mummy, that looks like you’re going to be married, like in a church’.

I had to explain that yes, I did get married in a long dress but that it’s usually ivory or white.

He did tell me I looked very nice.  He’s not yet got to the age where compliments mean he wants something.

So while jeans and tops are the most comfy and practical wear, it appears N would like to see me wear a ballet or wedding dress every day.

Do your children give you compliments?  What would they dress you in given the chance?

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