Nursery extras

Apart from the air temperature at N’s nursery which seems to be a bit hot for him, I’ve been really pleased with the nursery I chose (note I, as the OH wasn’t fussed about nurseries and made the decision about our sister-in-law having him 2 days so I could sort out the rest). It’s really close, the opening hours work for me, the food seems really good, and the staff really like N and seem to know what he’s about and what they want to help him develop next.

When I signed him up I was also pleased that they had external music/movement teacher who comes in once a fortnight (as previously we’d done Rhythm time while I was on maternity leave which he really loved), and when the children are older there’s also drama and french. They’ll be the reason why it’s so expensive compared to the nurseries in town!

But now they’ve got more interesting activities going on. Yoga Bugs is the new regular activity – basically lots of stretching and dance to help the children with relaxation and movement (how they get the children to stay still I have no idea, but I’m imagining the teacher to be dressed up in a Waybaloo style with the children doing Tai chi!

A couple of weeks ago they had Zoo Labs come in to bring animals in for the children to see. All very exciting (and I’m relieved it was the nursery staff and not me who had to get near to the creepy crawlies.  I know the staff worry when N tries to feed the ducks on the pond at the nursery but it was obviously very well organised.  My little man supposedly touched a cockroach, snake and rat, although the tarantula had to stay in its box.  It seems my son is keen on all animals and not restricted to farm animals.

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