Gruffalo onesie - Tu - Bubbablue and me

Succumbed to the onesie – Gruffalo style

I’m not and never have been a fan of the onesie.  But N seems to be quite taken with them after having a sleepover at the farm along with 2 of his cousins, both of whom were wearing onesies.  The 6 year old had a dinosaur one, which admittedly was a bit cute, and that’s what N kept talking about

I didn’t think much of it, plus N doesn’t spend much time lounging around in his pyjamas anyway.  Well, in the mornings he will go downstairs in his pyjamas, have a bit of breakfast, and watch tv or play until my alarm goes off and I get up properly.  But that’s more about him being lazy and refusing to get himself dressed.  I’ve told him once he’s 4, he’ll have to start getting himself dressed every day (guess we’ll see if that happens!).

In the evenings, sometimes he’ll have an early bath and come down in his pyjamas to chill out before his story and bedtime, but once we’re up for the day, we’re dressed.

But the other week we were shopping in Sainsbury’s and I went to check out the sale rail in the boys section.  Usually N takes no notice of what I’m looking at – usually he spends his time hiding in the clothes rails, but this time his attention was grabbed by The Gruffalo on clothes.

Yes, on the sale rail there were Gruffalo onesies (to be fair, they’re probably meant to be fleecy sleepsuits given the sizing was only up to age 4-5).

N starts stroking them (I hate it when he touches clothes in shops, but then I realised that it was because that’s what I do when I go shopping, touching fabric and flicking hangers as I walk past items I like the look of).

I ignore him.

‘Mummy, I want a Gruffalo thing please’.

‘No, I’m sure they’re not in your size’

‘Look at these ones mummy. R has a dinosaur one’.  Arghhh, peer pressure has started at age 3.

After having a look, I decided that the bargain half price isn’t too bad, and he does love the Gruffalo, so I thought I could probably live with it.  I bought it in an age 4-5, so at least it’ll last him a while.  Hopefully the next growth spurt will be legs rather than body; if that’s the case, it should last until next Autumn if he doesn’t go off the Gruffalo by then.

Gruffalo onesie

At the moment, N does look pretty cute in it.  It harks back to the sleepsuit days which does make me laugh given he’s nearly 4, but if it keeps him warm over the top of his pyjamas then who am I to moan.

Gruffalo onesie - Tu - Bubbablue and me

Rest assured though, I definitely won’t be buying a onesie for myself though.

Are your family onesie fans?

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    1. Lol, yes not for going outside in, although I did once see someone at work come in in one. She’d run the marathon the day before, so onesie and flip flops were her office get up. I was flabbergasted.

  1. Lovely onesie, both my two love wearing onesies although Lewis really does tend to burn up when wearing them so we make him change into cotton PJ’s before bed. Leah on the other hand, would wear onesies 24/7! I like them, I even have one but I hate stripping down completely to go for a pee! haha. Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

    1. I thought the same, that N would be too hot at night, but he’s got quite a hot room, and just throws off the covers. I think he likes to be warm, it certainly doesn’t seem to overheat him thankfully.

      I know what you mean about stripping off. I remember having a jumpsuit at around 12yo. Nightmare/freezing for toilet visits!

  2. The kids love there onesies here, my nearly 8 year old has just got in to them at Christmas. I managed to buy some in the sale which didn’t cist me a lot at all.

    Love the Gruffalo one too. It’s one of our favourite books.

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