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Project 365 2015 week 44

This time it’s week 44 of Project 365 and we’re romping towards the finish line.  This week’s been half term so I’ve had a few days off work to spend with N before he went into holiday club for a couple of days.

On Sunday, we went to Paddington’s First Concert at Warwick Arts Centre.  They’ve got some great sculptures by the centre, and N liked this circular one.

sculpture at warwick arts centre

On Monday we headed to the park for an hour or so.  The bike came too while I scootered.  The leaves were lovely and N did actually bike all the way to the playground and back – he only fleetingly wanted to share the scooter.  He does like to stop for a breather regularly though, which helps my thighs relax from the scooter work.

having a break at the park

On Monday we went to Stowe, one of our localish National Trust properties.  The colours were spectacular, and I loved the clear waters and reflections thanks to a beautifully warm and sunny day.  This part of the lake was really hard to see where the reflections began and ended.

reflections in the water at Stowe

Wednesday I went back to work because N wanted to spend the whole day with his dad on the farm.  No point me taking a day’s holiday if I was going to be sitting at home on my own.  After he had his tea he wanted a mini twister ‘I’ve been really good mummy’.

Eating a mini twister

Thursday I had a lovely parcel in the post…new dance shoes.  I’ve started dancing again after nearly 5 years, and one of my favourite pairs of shoes are now a little small lengthwise with my feet having grown half a size after having N.  So I was online straightaway to order a replacement pair.  I was hoping for nude again, but they didn’t have my size in stock, so silver it is. Hopefully they wear in quickly.

new silver west coast swing dance shoes

N’s always up before me in the mornings and on Friday I went downstairs to find that N had made his own lunch as well as breakfast.  He’d got everything right for his lunch – cheese sandwich (although where he put the butter knife I’m still not sure as he was vague about it, even though he washed up the sharp knife), yoghurt, soreen, fruit bar, and cucumber.  I just added an apple and his water bottle and he was sorted.  Shame he let the side down by drawing on the sofa and putting a sticker on the wall.

making his own lunchbox

Saturday was halloween. Our pumpkin died its death on Thursday evening – next year I must remember to carve it only a couple of days before.  But we went to a halloween party over lunch at one of the NCT girl’s house and she put on a spooky selection of food for the children, while we adults had pork rolls.

halloween party food

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  1. what a busy half term, i love the photo of the water and the reflection of the trees, the halloween party looked a lot of fun also

  2. Love the look of the spooky food, hope it was a good party.
    Love this time of year fro amazing reflective pictures, amazing colour and depth in your picture.
    Well done on the breakfast and packed lunch ….oops at the couch

  3. I’m so impressed by N making his own lunch! I don’t think any of my kids have ever made their own packed lunch, although my eldest might make his lunch at home. I love your dancing shoes – I would definitely have chosen silver!

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