questions on kissing from a 4 year old
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Kissing questions from a 4 year old

I’ve mentioned before that N is a really cuddly little boy. He loves giving hugs and kisses.

Thankfully those kisses have progressed from the really soggy ones of a couple of years ago, and they’re just really sweet pecks now.

He goes through phases of just grabbing my face and kissing me throughout the day for no apparent reason.   At bedtime he’ll always hold his arms out for a cuddle and then generally wants a kiss as well. Woe betide anyone who forgets.  I’m taking them while I can before he gets too big.

But the other day he asked me ‘why daddy doesn’t like me giving kisses?’.

My heart fell.  I know his dad still loves the huge hugs they give each other, so I wasn’t sure where that had come from.

‘What reason did he give?’.

‘Nothing, he just didn’t want me to’.  Poor N.

‘Maybe you should ask him next time, then you can set it straight’.

I didn’t think much more about it, it wasn’t something I’d noticed had stopped.  I know the OH can be non-demonstrative but I wouldn’t have thought stopping letting his 4 year old kiss him would have been a problem.

Then yesterday, I heard them talking downstairs.

‘Daddy, I’m going to kiss you’


‘They won’t be sloppy kisses, they’re nice kisses.  Mummy says so’

‘No sloppy kisses then, I don’t like those one’.  Pah, and he was the one to encourage licky kisses in the first place.

‘I’ll show you Daddy, they’re not wet kisses’.

So, it seems all is ok now.  A bit of confusion in the type of kisses, so hopefully N can happily continue to give out kisses as and when he wants to.

questions on kissing from a 4 year old

Are your children kissers, or have they now stopped?

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  1. Ah poor N he must have been upset to raise it, but you dealt with in exactly the right way. The fact that they discussed it and overcome the issue is so lovely x

  2. Aw poor little N, everyone should embrace his kisses whilst he is still willing to give them. It won’t be long before everyone becomes embarrassing to him and you’ll get none x

  3. Ah the poor thing. I’m glad the confusion with sloppy & nice kisses was cleared up – good job Mommy! The random kisses end as they get older, my boys don’t run over with kisses anymore, they are 6 & 8. It’s important to cherish them while you have them 🙂 x

  4. I’m glad that’s sorted out for you guys! 😉 I think it’s really adorable he wanted to give his daddy a kiss so badly. Cherish those kisses & keep on blogging.

  5. Aw poor N. Monkey likes cuddles and kisses all the time, and he’s taken to volunteering kisses which is lovely and thankfully they are little pecks now too :). However he normally tries to give his friends kisses goodbye which the girls are fine with but the boys aren’t so sure!! xx

  6. aww I love it when little J comes in for kisses and cuddles. It doesnt last long and before you know it they will be a stroppy teenager haha

  7. Oh bless him, I’m glad he asked you though and didn’t worry about it. Slobbery kisses are coming to an end in our house too and we’re only allowed one kiss at bedtime now apparently, as any more is just greedy! Ha, love the things Olly comes out with #LivingArrows

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