365 project photo a day

Project 365 Day 12-18 (Photo a day)

It’s week 3 and days 12 to 18 of Project 365.  I’m loving looking out for slightly offbeat different photos – mostly just when walking round town, and having to take photos each day and make the effort, is making me more observant when I’m generally out and about.

Here’s this week’s efforts.

365 project photo a day
  • 12: Love this photo of one of my NCT friend’s youngest daughter. We were all at another 3rd birthday party, and her daughter obviously thinks I’m funny looking as she always stares at me.  I did pimp the photo up, but the light was pretty amazing anyway.  She reminds me of a Lucie Mary Atwell baby.
  • 13: We were sent a Weekend Box to review, and N couldn’t wait to open the box, so that evening was spent making 3D glasses.
  • 14: Managed to clear out a few things from my mum’s old bookcase – tonnes and tonnes of old recipe books.  Loved this one – such a retro classic.
  • 15: N was sent home from nursery with a temperature, so had a couple of days where he was napping during the day again.
  • 16: The diet’s not going very well (or going at all at the moment)…not helped by me spotting buy one get two free jammie dodgers at our local village shop.  The chocolate ones aren’t that great!
  • 17: Another week another INR test, so another visit to the nurse.  N always says ‘she makes you better mummy’ afterwards, when all it is, is a prick test and readjustment of my dose. Not sure my piggy habits at the moment are helping it as my readings are well down compared with pre-Christmas when they were at a normal level and stable.  Our partner surgery has lots of baby/toddler toys so N’s aways happy while we wait.
  • 18: Saturday meant a trip to the library, then popping to a couple of shops. There’s a new toy shop near us and there was a Poppet Moshi Monster appearing at the shop. N was entranced although not enough to go up to it, so I had to get him a balloon which he’s been carrying around all day.  He was disappointed to see no huge pink moshi monster still there on the way back.
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  1. That photo of the little girl is epic, what wonderful light! The 3D glasses look fun, did they also give you pictures to look at through it?

    Thank you for linking up to Project 365

    1. Yes, there was a double sided sheet of instructions/pictures with questions on what you could see. Good fun (although N typically then refused to wear the glasses!)

    1. Thanks. I think she’s never quite sure of me as she stares at me for ages, hence being able to get scrummy pics when her parents struggle!

    1. We’ve been trying to decide whether they’re worth going to charity shops as I just don’t have recipe book storage space. Already overflowing even after a cull!

  2. yumyum I love chocolate dodgers! We had one of them wooden cubes and the never bothered with it lol #project365

  3. the photo of the little girl is stunning – her skin is almost translucent! and that recipe book you can see straight away that it is a retro one x

  4. Looks like a fun week! I would have spent way too much time looking at all the old cookbooks. That one looks lovely!

    I wonder if I could find somewhere to purchase a jammie dodger in the U.S.? I have never had one!

    1. I can’t believe there’s no jammie dodgers in the US. Although I guess you have Oreos which took ages to come over here. Don’t think these could go up against the might of Oreos

    1. That’s what I’m loving about the project too. Really makes you try for something other than just the children. Especially working full time and with the bad evening light indoors it’s hard to get good photos

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