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Project 365: Week 26 photo a day

Can’t believe I’ve managed to keep up each week, and we’re now halfway through the year.  Yes, week 26 of Project 365 is here, and I’m looking forward to continuing for the rest of the year.  It’s interesting to see how my photos have improved (although that’s also to do with the fact that winter photos are always dodgy due to the indoor light…for this autumn I must get practising off manual to improve that – or just remember to check the ‘indoor’ scene setting on my phone!)

Sunday we went strawberry picking.  N loved it, and I’m planning that we go back in a few weeks when the raspberries are ready.

strawberry picking

Monday I was sorting out photos of my kitchen for a Britmums #KitchenTales challenge.  Our shelf above the Aga is great as it’s full of photo of N, and our nephews and niece.  I love this photo I took of N when he was about 8 weeks old.  When he was a baby I didn’t take many photos or those I did take weren’t great.  Winter baby, bad light, then broken camera, and phone camera wasn’t brilliant.  Shame, as it would have been great to have more really good photos to look back on.  I love this bowl as well – I painted this strawberry bowl when a friend and I went to a pottery painting place.  When N’s a little older, I: shall take him, but it’s a bit of a waste now as he doesn’t really do drawings or artwork.

kitchen shelfie

Tuesday N had a melt down when the OH came back to say goodnight, and then went back out to work again.  That’s pretty normal for this time of year, and isn’t anything different, but now N’s more aware of it. And didn’t like it one bit.  So I promised he could have an ice lolly.  Jubbly to the rescue.

eating jubbly ice lolly

It’s great when N’s outside playing as I can just snap away.  Wednesday he was out as usual.  Now he’s a bit older, he doesn’t mind if I ask to take his photo.  He’ll stand for all of about 3 seconds, but thankfully he’s not quite at the dodgy ‘cheese’ grin pose.  I love this photo, although it does look a bit like he’s crying or shouting, rather than smiling!

cargo shorts and wellies outfit

Thursday I was in London for a work meeting.  I love the buildings in London, especially amazing town houses.  These caught my eye near Baker Street for the beautiful flowers that broke up the stripy brickwork.

London balcony flowers

Another eyes photo.  On Friday after nursery we had to nip to the supermarket.  Annoyingly I hadn’t finished my online shop prior to the deadline (which turned out to be much later than I thought because my slot was the hour later…grrr), so I had a couple more bits to get for this weekend.  We had a bit of time before I had to take N for his preschool booster injections, so I’d said if we had time we could go to the cafe.  Of course, he remembered this, so dragged me up there.  One smoothie later and I had this photo of a fruity smoothie mouth.

saliva-y mouth

We’d not made specific plans for Saturday, although I had a couple of vague ideas.  The rain put paid to them though, and on arriving home from town we ended up sitting in the car for a bit before going indoors…in an attempt to wait the rain to hold off.  It didn’t!  But N loved ‘driving’ the car, so he was in his element.

toddler driving the car in rain
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  1. Great photos. I wish I had joined in with this project at the beginning of year popping over via #LAB

  2. It does always seem so much easier taking photos in the summer. Love the flowers on the stripy brickwork and the strawberry picking photo. We hardly go fruit picking these days as we get quite a lot out of our garden.

    1. Ooh nice to have food out of the garden. I’ve done tomato plants this year, but only just got a few flowers, so hoping we get more than a couple of tomatoes. First attempt at growing anything that’s not died!

  3. I know exactly what you mean by the winter photos, mine are really dodgy too! Lovely close-up shots this week of your little man 🙂

    1. Thanks. I don’t think my winter shots would be great even if I did get the hang of manual. The living room isn’t helped by terracotta sofas which put an orange tinge on everyone’s faces!

  4. Just read your comment about bucket hats! I’ve been struggling so much to get them for the boys so that something covers the back of their neck, so difficult to find!!

    1. Grr, so annoying isn’t it. I’m not keen on the Aussie style baseball hats with the back fabric. I think that would annoy me. Luckily N tends to wear a lot of polo shirts so the neck is a bit more protected. But yes, there should definitely be more bucket hats available for larger heads

    1. I was a bit strict with N I think, but he didn’t seem too worried. Maybe if I’d let him eat more, he’d have let me carry the punnets and there’d have been less bruised ones!

  5. Great strawberry picking photo, we have a very similar hat as well.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365 and sorry for the delay in commenting.

    1. I really like bucket hats. But annoyingly, there’s not many around once they need an age 5-6 up. It all seems to be baseball hats which don’t keep sun off the neck.

  6. What a fabulous round-up, sounds like you’ve had a good week all in all! I love the strawberry picking photo and that lolly looks good too! Nice London photo too, I’m finding that a challenge at the moment – too much time on the tube!

    1. Pretty hard to take photos on the tube- too much movement and too many people! Luckily where I end up at meetings tend to be down quite nice streets with lots of lovely architecture to look at.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting

    1. Thanks Jo. N’s not really a toy car person, but any other type of vehicle he’s there, especially when he thinks he can drive my car!

  7. I must go fruit picking this year – I always loved it as a child and have yet to take my two. Eating them straight from the plant is the best thing! Love the London buildings, always something interesting to see.

    1. I agree. Fruit straight from the source always tastes so much better. The OH would complain and say it needed washing, but I can’t wait for that!

    1. I think I’m more interested in looking around. It does help that I love my phone camera as that’s what I mostly use (on auto!). It helps having a younger child who’s always with me. Yours are older and more likely to be off doing their own thing. Summer helps with being outdoors more. In the winter I struggled as he’s at nursery until it’s dark, so limited photo opportunities.

      Older children are less accessible as they’re more likely to be out and about doing their own thing. When N gets to that age, I’ll have to start photographing still life!

  8. Love this smoothie face, and the baby photo is fab. We’re big fans of the Pottery Place in Witney, we’ve made loads of birthday and Christmas presents in there with finger and handprints. My fav is our ‘bug’ fingerprint bowl we made for Dad’s 70th. The girls in there are really good, so much more artistic than me! #365

    1. Witney is where we did N’s footprint at 6 weeks and where I did this bowl. Love it there, but it’s a bit of a trek to pick it up afterwards. I’m always in awe of the pottery they decorate – anything with writing would be a disaster if I had to do it.

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