Little narrator

Some of the best moments have to come from reading books with N.  He likes to have 2-3 read each night before bed, but today was a lovely moment with him turning from listener to narrator.

He’s discovered the old curvy beanbag-breastfeeding type cushion I bought to help prop him up when he was learning to sit up.  He likes to sit on it in funny places – so this morning before I got him up he had put it on the chair in his room and was sitting atop it.  He decided it was time to read a book, so chose his own – Each Peach Pear Plum.

It’s a book I love (I think I’ve blogged about it before), so I’m glad he enjoys it too.

He quite often flicks through books himself and sometimes jabbers on to himself while turning the pages, but today it was as if he was actually reading it himself.

First he told me all about ‘in the cupboard’ – presumably Mother Hubbard, then ‘lady on stairs’ (Cinderella), and the ‘3 bears at the window’.

I was surprised he talked about Bo Beep ‘looking for sheep on hill’ as he’s usually not fussed about her.  Then ‘jack jill down hill’.

The cutest was when he cackled at the wicked ‘witch in ditch jack jill’.  Love it!  Obviously taking in all my usual sound effects.

I don’t think he’s keen on Robin Hood as he doesn’t seem to notice him; he was more interested in telling me about his horse and the bears again.

Finally it was a jump to the back page and ‘I spy….everyone’.

It’s great to hear how he’s taken in all the story, and how well he can recite the bits, although he does have the tendency to just jump from one page to the next.  After worrying a bit about his mild tongue tie and how it might be affecting his speech, it’s great to hear him clearly talking through a story book, and also this weekend having proper conversations with people that he’s either never met before (shop assistant) or only met a couple of times (my old school friend).  Both of them were about to understand what he was saying which is really pleasing to know that his speech is definitely coming on.

I wonder what book he’ll be telling me about next?

What was the first book your children read out loud to you?

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  1. awww what a really lovely moment in time, i love this age and the amount they learn everyday. Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

    1. It’s definitely a great age. I love how quickly he remembers things nowadays…couple of reads of a book, and the words really sink in.

  2. Watching them engage with, and love, books is just so wonderful! My magic moment last week was my four year old reading Orange Pear Apple Bear to us! We love Each Peach Pear Plum too 🙂 #MagicMoments

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