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Project 366 2016 week 32 from Countryfile to country show

It’s been a busy week, even though it’s been a working week with holiday club thrown in for N.  The year’s rolling by, we’re well into the summer holidays, and it’s week 32 of Project 366.

On Sunday, we headed off to Blenheim Palace to go to Countryfile Live. We had a great time, you can read what we got up to.

Baker Street sign at Countryfile Live 2016

N loves my nutribullet.  If he had his way, he’d have a smoothie every day, but I don’t always have enough of the right things to make one.  On Monday we had some raspberries that weren’t at their best, and a browning banana (we both like them slightly green) so he had his own smoothie.  Oh the excitement!

trying a new smoothie

On Tuesday I headed out into town during my lunchbreak to pick up a couple of things. Pn my walk back to the office, I spottd this flower display. I think it looks like a head, hat and bowtie with the van from the jacket potato stand behind colour coordinating well.

flowers in Banbury

On Wednesday, I dragged N into town to the local Arts Centre which had an all day arts and dance open day.  Early evening there was a contemporary dance performance by Motionhouse dance theatre which we I wanted to watch.  N ended up really enjoying it too.  Especially when he spotted cool and interesting items like this on display.

musical box

On Thursday I didn’t have many photos taken, except this delicious chocolate that someone brought back from a holiday to work.

french chocolate

Friday I took a flexi-leave day off work, so I could take N on a day trip to London.  As  a child, our mum used to take us to London a couple of times a year and we always saw something new.  So I planned it a lot, and we had a lovely day (despite N wanting to go home straight after lunch, and then him telling me everything we’d done was boring).

Big Ben and St Stephen's Clocktower

On Saturday, the OH had a really bad headache so he spent the morning on the sofa in darkness.  It meant N couldn’t go out on the farm with him, so we had to head out for the day.  The morning was full ofcchores and little things like dropping books back off at the library.  In the afternoon we went to a nearby country show which we go to every year.  As usual N moaned that it wasn’t fair that he could only do 3 ‘rides’, despite me telling him he had £10 to spend and to choose wisely the rides he wanted to spend it on.  But he did enjoy mucking around with his good friend S we bumped into.  He’s not seen S for months, and then  we see them twice in 2 weekends.  This is what they ended up doing. Jumping over each other!

N jumping over his best friend

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  1. i recently took my 21 year old for a day out in London and he loved every minute of it, at first he was complaining of being bored when we were at Buckingham Palace, then the Queen arrived and he was pleased we’d hung around and appreciated why we hang around sometimes

  2. Jealous of the country file event, love the programme.
    Poor daddy hope he shifted the headache.
    Great use for soft bananas, i like mine soft and brown.
    Hate it when you make the effort to take them out for the day and they play up.

  3. I do love a country show but haven’t been to one in years! Great that he likes a smoothie – I’d love to be able to get one down my boy’s neck but he is way too fussy at the mo!

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