dome and organ in Oxford Town Hall

Project 366 2016 week 36 – sunset, shoes and swimming

It’s into week 36 of this year’s Project 366, and my photo a day for a year is doing quite well.  Of course it’s always easier during the summer months so we’ll see how hard it gets again moving into autumn.

This week has been back to work after our Jersey holiday and obviously back to school.  Being back at school’s gone ok, and we’re back in the routine, although there will be some changes coming up assuming that after school tennis club continues….yep, the OH is going to have to do a school run!  But onto Project 366.

On Sunday I took N swimming.  We were sent some swimming items to review from Baby Swim Shop, and as we didn’t have luggage room to take them on holiday, we needed to get out and test them.  Of course, getting photos in the pool wasn’t going to happen, so the review’s photos will be pretty limited to out of the pool shots.  N loves his swim fin, although I’m hoping he’ll be out of it and swimming alone soon.  I thought it was N’s feet in the photo at first, but they’re mine.  With my lovelyBirkenstock tan line.

swim fin ready for swimming

On Monday N got wise to my reward system for him. He’s only had it since he was potty training at age 3 and never paid much attention to it. My intention was for him to be encouraged to read and write but he’s loving that he can just help me round the house for a sticker rather than having to do reading. Sigh. This was him helping unload the dishwasher…he only needed 2 more stickers for a full line to get a Paw Patrol ‘egg’ figure.

helping unload the dishwasher

On Tuesday, I looked out of the window and was the first to notice that one of the cows had just had her calf. Most of the cows are calved in February-March time, but there’s a handful at this time of year. The calf was so newborn he still hadn’t been fully cleaned by its mum and she still had the birth sac trailing behind under her tail.  I always think newborn farm animals are so amazing. Even at such a young age, this calf was having a jump around inbetween working out how to get milk from his mum.

newborn calf and cow

On Wednesday after work I headed off to Hotter Shoes in Banbury for a blogger event.  I’ve got a full write up sometime soon, but it was lovely to meet the Hotter team, catch up with other bloggers from the area and try on some of the shoes and boots.

Hotter shoes blogger event in Banbury

There have been some amazing pastel sunsets this month already, but on Thursday, I spotted this stripy sunset and had to snap it.

sunset over the farm

On Friday, N went to his first tennis club session.  Let’s just say, I hope he gets stuck in at the start of the lesson instead of clinging until half an hour through it. Afterwards, he did get a few minutes to play in the park and love jumping off the tyre on this tractor.  I couldn’t believe how high he was jumping from.

jumping off a playground trator

On Saturday, my car went in for its first service in Oxford.  It meant I had 3 hours to enjoy mooching round. Luckily it cooincided with Open Doors, when lots of buildings, colleges and museums open their doors for free.  I timed it so I could go on a tour of the Town Hall which is a beautiful venue, and has some gorgeous architecture and decoration like this ornate ‘icing’ ceiling and walls.

dome and organ in Oxford Town Hall
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  1. great when they have the confidence to jump from a height that makes us parents uncomfortable.
    Oh dear at clinging for half of tennis lesson, hope that improves.
    Aaaaahhhh at the young calf, yes our kids take a long while to be independant and leave home in comparison to other animal species.
    We missed open doors day as we were away to Oban or there is a few I would like to have seen.

    1. He seems really excited about tennis this week, and one of his friends has changed day to come to the Friday one too, so hopefully it’ll go well this week.

      That’s a shame about open doors. It’s a great opportunity to see places

  2. The building in Oxford looks wonderful. Nice to have some free time to explore. I do like the baby cow picture too – must be lovely to see young animals growing up. I don’t think your reward scheme is working too badly if he is helping around the house, maybe you need to up the rewards for reading though.

    1. Might have to do 2 stickers for reading. The end reward is something he’s wanted for ages, but I need to get him helping round the house without expecting something for it. So doubling stickers for reading and writing might help. The problem is largely (apart from distraction) that his dad turns up to take him out on the farm and then there’s no time to do reading.

  3. Love the leaping shot. How does he get on with the Fin? We have a plane shaped triangle one that doesn’t stick up (if that makes any sense) for a review and the straps just weren’t long enough for Monkey to feel comfortable wearing it when I took it to Spain. Love that last shot in Oxford too. Lovely to see you on Weds

    1. He wasn’t keen to try it at first, but one it was on he really liked it, and was good for swimming in. He’s used to a swim belt flat to his back – string with little foam blocks. The only thing with the fin is you have to take it off to go on your back (although he tried and managed it a bit anyway!).

      Hope you’ve worn your boots. I’ve not worn mine yet, but I’ve seen similar boots to yours in M&S that fit, so I might get those to replace my current boots which are getting a little scruffy.

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