snowdrops in sunlight

Project 52 2019 week 9 – arrival of spring

Week 9 has been a wonderful week weatherwise. It’s just a shame I was back at work and N was back at school.

It’s been a fairly uneventful week. Sunday we didn’t do much after 3 days out and about. It was a day for getting back ready for routine again.

Work has been pretty quiet – lots of people using up holiday before the year end, and waiting on work being completed by contractors before April.

N had a good week at school. Their new topic is Ancient Rome which he’s enjoying (and I liked as a child too), and they’ve been learning Roman numerals which he’s loving too.

On Tuesday he had his normal tennis coach back again after injury, and school swimming was good. Thursday was a downside as he got a head bump right above his eye from someone walking the other way through a door he was coming through. The redness went overnight, but it’s obviously bruised as he’s still moaning a couple of days later that it still hurts when anything touches it. His biggest disappointment was it happened just before PE, so he had to miss hockey.

Friday’s tennis lesson was a bit disastrous. He really wasn’t happy with it, threatening to never go back again.. It was serving week, so they’d all served at the same time, then changed to serve and receive. Only N’s partner didn’t get any serves over the net which meant N just stood there for about 10 minutes. By the time they switched over, he only had time for 3 serves. They moved to mini matches, so he scored first for the other 2 on his court. He had one short game, then got put back to scoring again when they mixed everyone up again while all the others had a second or third game. He wasn’t happy and I wasn’t either given I’m paying for an hour’s tennis and he didn’t get to play much. His partner then got awarded player of the week which he obviously wasn’t impressed about either. Not a great lesson. And I need to find a way to get him to stand up for himself and point out that he’s not had the same practice that the others have had, rather than me having to step in which I don’t want to do.

It didn’t help that some of the younger group had parents sitting with younger siblings who they let run around the back of the courts, and stealing balls off the court. Eventually I got sick of it (after they nearly got hit twice by someone’s racket) and when they ran up by our end, I told them to go and sit down and stop running around by the back of the court as it was dangerous. Of course they didn’t stop, but their parents need to watch out and stop them distracting the children. I wouldn’t mind so much if it was their own children’s play they were disturbing, but it was the older lesson they were disrupting. The coaches also need to say something, but I don’t want them to ban everyone from watching because I love to see what they’re up to, and get chance to chat to the other parents in our class.

Saturday the weather was much cooler, and it was a quiet day. N had his swimming lesson where they got to do most of the lesson in fins to work on their butterfly legs. After lunch we nipped out for 30 minutes of tennis. It was a bit windy and cold so we didn’t stay long. Plus my tennis is extremely uncontrolled so N gets a bit bored because it’s a bit hard to have a rally with me!

snowdrops in sunlight
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  1. sorry to hear the tennis isn’t going to well and some parents are spoiling it for others also. hope n is recovering from his head bump

  2. Great snowdrops, not be long till the bluebells now.
    How annoying with the tennis, both for the younger siblings running around and not have an equal partner to spar with. Can understand his frustration at not wanting to go back.

  3. Think I would have been annoyed with that tennis lesson too! Agree that the parents need to stop the younger ones running around.

  4. That sounds like a very frustrating tennis lesson! I hope things are all sorted out for next time. It is very inconsiderate of the parents to let their younger children run around like that.
    That is a beautiful photo of the snowdrops. I haven’t seen many snowdrops, we were straight to daffodils here!

  5. That sounds like a fun topic to be learning about. Sorry to hear your son is frustrated with tennis, sounds like he has ever right to be. I do love snowdrops, they are so pretty xx

  6. I still remember my Rome project! How cool. Sounds like Tennis is starting to get very stressful for the both of you. I hope the coaches step in with the younger kids. I have a 2 year old and see the danger? Why do some people seem so oblivious. Probably too busy discussing some sort of parenting up manship. Lovely picture of the snowdrops, I think the heat has finished the last of ours off

  7. Both of my girls loved learning about Ancient Rome at school. It is such a un topic.
    How frustrating for your boy with the tennis. He has every right to be annoyed if he’s just standing around.
    Such pretty snowdrops x

  8. Seems a shame to have been going back to school with such lovely weather doesn’t it? I’m enjoying seeing all the spring flowers like your snowdrops at the moment – it really lifts the spirits.

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