a final day at primary school walk into church

Project 52 2022 week 28

Week 28 of Project 52 has brought the final week of primary school, and a super hot week weather wise.

2am on Sunday morning, N woke us up being sick. The joys of residential bugs getting him. Carpet cleaning attempts meant none of us got much sleep, and N decided he was going to sleep in the bathroom in his sleeping bag. Thankfully the one bout was all he had, so took things easy in the day. I didn’t do anything other than cook, read and do some jigsaw puzzle. 

Monday N was off school. It was baking hot so he put up the paddling pool which had a puncture in the top part. We had the wasp man out to get rid of them around the lodgers’ front window, and around their utility room. Hopefully that’s them gone for this year.

On Tuesday it was a day out at a nearby National Trust property with school for N. Luckily it was cooler with cloud cover, so not as hot as expected. We even had a bit of rain in the late afternoon and evening.  It was also N’s final parents evening at primary school. We got given his SATs scores. We knew he should pass fine, but he did better than he was tracking, which was great news. And had some good feedback on his writing. That’s what he’s really had to work hard on so it’s great that it’s been worth it.

Wednesday was spent trying to get forecasting done at work. We’ve got new systems so there’s lots of teething problems as well as doing the work, so it’s taking a long time. N had his garden party at school. He seemingly forgot to put on sun lotion, so his arms were a bit sunburnt. It must have been really hot, as he doesn’t usually burn. 

I had my last rusty rackets lesson. I’m hoping they’ll restart lessons in September, but over the summer, the 7 of us have decided to still meet up to play informally.

On Thursday we had more internet issues. Not great when it goes off 20 minutes before a large Teams meeting I’m running. Thankfully it came on just in time, as I was trying to download Teams onto N’s phone so that I could still use mine to email people in case I couldn’t get on. At lunchtime it was N’s last school performance. They’d written their script themselves, and then were singing songs from their time in Year 6. It was so lovely to see, although I did feel a bit teary with the last song – Sunshine on Leith was a bit depressing and emotional when done by Year 6s (and 5s) complete with actions.

Friday was the culmination of 7 years at primary school. It was a wonderful day, starting with their leavers service in church.  Each child did their leavers speech, got presented their very nice hoody, mug, leavers yearbook (where they’d spelt N’s surname wrong twice), and letters from other children in the school (from their house teams), ending with the rest of the school singing ‘So long, farewell’  to send them on their way. Then back to school for staff/parents vs Year 6 football match. There’s now a few injuries in the adults team, but the children won for the first time in school history.

A quick break back home, then back into school for the celebration/awards assembly to finish off. It was done outside, so they did usual target certificates, followed by trophy awards being given. N got the trophy for values and behaviour. Afterwards, they had their leavers party. Very casual, outdoors, just bbq, food, mocktails, running around, playing football, and hanging out, then afterwards moving onto the bar next door. It was just such a lovely leavers day for the children and parents. And sad that they’ll be heading off in different directions for secondary. Hopefully they’ll manage to still catch up and be friends.

On Saturday N slept in til 8am which is pretty much unheard of! A trip into town, then a bit of a relax before prepping for a family party celebrating a big birthday. It’s been a tiring day after a big week, and I think I’m going to need Sunday to recover.

a final day at primary school walk into church

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  1. Glad to hear N was feeling better for his end of primary celebrations, they sounded like they put so much effort in. Eliza’s was really disappointing, with a 45 minute assembly and no awards and a very insincere speech from the head teacher. I left feeling really disappointed, but the kids seemed to enjoy themselves.

  2. Sorry to hear N was sick after his residential trip, glad he was OK by the morning. Shame about his name being spelt wrong that must be so frustrating. Sounds like a good end to the term, year and Primary school life.

  3. Sorry to hear that N was sick after his residential trip. Glad it was just the one bout though. Well done to him on his SATs results. How stressful to have your internet go down just before a Teams meeting – glad it came back in time. I can imagine N’s last school performance was emotional. Glad his last day was such a good one – shame about his name being spelled wrong on the hoody though! #project365

  4. Oh no! Sickness bugs are no fun. I am glad it didn’t last long for N. Well done to him in his SATs.
    Aww! That’s good that you are going to meet up with those from rusty rackets to play.
    What an emotional time for N leaving primary school. It sounds like a lovely day. I hope you manage to have a relaxing day tomorrow. N is looking so grown up since I last saw him. x

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