pumpkin spice frappuccino

Project 52 2022 week 34

We’re nearly at the end of the holidays. Things still aren’t quite sorted for the school bus, just tickets to sort out, although everything else for school is done. We’ve had a bit of rain but it’s still warm and fairly muggy. Here’s our week 34 of the year for Project 52.

On Sunday we nipped briefly into town for things to hook N’s leavers board and a photo on the wall. In the afternoon, he then dragged me off to go brambling. I’d seen so many people on Instagram showing their picked fruit even a few weeks ago, but I think ours are pretty much on track as usual. We did pick 3 small tubs worth, but it’ll be a couple of weeks before all the pink ones on the bushes are ripened. 

We had to walk through some of the cows and calves along the public footpath. N was more confident than me, even though he had the dog. They came and had a nosy on the walk through, but couldn’t be bothered on our return walk. That’s the only problem with blackberrying, our cows always seem to be moved into the fields with good crop.

Monday N went out on the farm with the OH most of the day while I was working. I tried to get some answers from Stagecoach again because today suddenly, their online journey planner has changed the return journey to leave school 4 minutes before the end of the school day and goes via our village. The timetables haven’t changed though. So I’ve had to check, and tell them that while it would be great if it is coming that route, it’s leaving too early. They still don’t know their tickets that’ll be on sale. I’m just despairing. We’re running out of time to let N practice before starting school.

On Tuesday I managed to get hold of the council to sort out my bin collection. It could be 7 days before it gets collected. They’ve also requested my unused garden waste bin to be picked up, chased my replacement food caddy that was ordered a month ago, and will ask them if we can have another blue recycling bin because we’ve lots of people in the household – 2 households on site using the bin. I’m not holding my breath because I’ve had customer services order me a free bin, then had to apologise because they paid for only. So we’ll see.

Wednesday was a slog. I spent way too long trying to sort out contracting someone using a new, very painful system. I missed my tennis because I had to work late to get things sorted before I my holiday

N was at tennis camp for the day, but then his football training was cancelled because there weren’t enough children available. And his friendly match on Saturday’s off too, presumably for the same reason, which is a shame.

Thursday was my first day of leave. We had a school shoe appointment which only took 15 minutes, and he liked the first pair he tried on. And they were less than we’ve paid in the past for school shoes so that was a bonus. We ended up being early for his hair appointment so stopped for hot chocolate and cake at a little old fashioned tea shop.  In the afternoon he went swimming with his cousin. 

We finally got the news that our school bus will be going both directions via our village. Whoop. Still trying to work out what the bus pass options are – whichever option, it’s going to be a lot more money than last year’s bus pass on the equivalent bus route last year, and more than those getting bus passes from the council. Sob. Fingers crossed something gets worked out.

On Friday we did a practice bus journey. Well, only to the next village as we could get the return bus in 5 minutes rather than having to wait 1 ½ hours for the next one near the school. Still no idea on bus ticket or pass options. The driver didn’t know as the best one is adult only and covers way too big an area for what we’d want. 

I tried to get through to Stagecoach to find out what they’re planning. They’ve no idea either, and after 20 minutes on hold waiting for them to get through to find out from Stagecoach Midlands, I gave up and sent a snotty email instead. I also called Warwickshire County Council in the hope that maybe next year they’ll somehow get them do organise a normal bus pass application like all the other school transport does. At the moment our only option is looking like single bus tickets at around £3 (my estimation) a go. £6 a day! And I don’t see how that can work with the alternate late bus that work with normal student bus passes.

We also nipped into town to get N a watch ready for school as they aren’t allowed phone use at any time during the school day. A treat was had at Starbucks – Pumpkin Spice drinks are available early for VIPs with the app. It seems N was also a fan of my pumpkin spice frappucino.

Saturday was a day mostly at home. I’ve been so tired the last couple of days, I need my upcoming week off! We mostly just pottered around, read a bit, cooked and finally got rid of the remaining recycling out of the house.

pumpkin spice frappuccino

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  1. Lovely to pick blackberries. I haven’t picked any this year. The situation with the school bus sounds stressful – glad the timetable got sorted out in the end and hope you’ve managed to sort out what passes to get. Hope your bins get sorted out with the council and that you managed to have some time to relax after your busy week. #project365

  2. Shame the football got cancelled and you missed your tennis. Hope the bus routes are sorted by now for N. I can’t drink flavoured coffees, just don’t taste right to me, but they do look and sound nice.

  3. Hope things get sorted with the school bus, sounds like a nightmare having to constantly chase them and figure out what they are going to do.

    Never actually been brambling..should give it a go

    1. Can’t beat foraged blackberry pie or apple &blackberry crumble. Our apples will hopefully be grown/ripe in a week or so too

  4. I hope you get something sorted about the school bus, it has been nothing but stress for you for the last month or so.
    We are going brambling tomorrow at my dad’s, he has plenty to go around and thankfully there are no cows to bother us. hehehe
    Ohh! We were just talking about the pumpkin spice drinks. I am determined to try one this year. I never have. They do look very tasty. x

    1. I’ve never been keen on any of the flavoured hot chocolate drinks but last year I made pumpkin puree mousse/fluff and the frappucino was lovely cinnamony flavour just like that was

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