sunset across the park after tennis

Project 52 2022 week 37

Another week another Project 52. The queue to pay respects to the Queen’s lying in state has been the talk of the week with 5 mile queue and 13 hours of queuing. I’ve had one friend join on the spur of the moment after a day in London and it took her 8 hours. Other than that, it’s turned autumnal, the jumpers, slippers, coats and blankets have been broken out, although it’s still warm if you’re in the sun.

Here’s our week 37.

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Sunday had N waking not feeling well. He had a covid test, but it was negative thankfully. So it seems to be just a bad cold – blocked nose is really his only symptom. I’ve got him and me back on the echinacea and Coldzyme, and hopefully the one day resting will get him better for school.

On Monday he seemed a lot better. Just a runny nosy, so went off to school quite happy. Work was busy with a couple of curveballs thrown in. Annoyingly the Stagecoach live map never seems to show the bus on the map, and doesn’t like our village having a stop which means I can never track what time it’ll be arriving. Instead I usually track N’s phone on Google Family Link but it was off. I ended up sitting there for 15 minutes waiting for the bus before I had a whatsapp saying the driver had missed out our village and just carried on up the main road. They then forgot to get off at the next village so ended up getting off with their friend. 

I picked N and one other up, the other 2 had said they were getting picked up. Back home I got straight on to complain and check it wasn’t going to happen again. Yet more busgate issues!

Once home N wasn’t feeling well again, and had a little cough. Another test and he was still negative. He said he’d gone to student services at breaktime to get a rest. So I’m hoping after a good sleep he’s better again. He’s got PE and football club tomorrow, so I know he’ll want to be able to do those and not miss out.

Tuesday N stayed off school. It felt like his tonsils were coming up, although no white spots. I think it’s just a really bad cold. He missed the year 7 photos, and getting his biometrics set up, so hopefully he’ll be able to do the latter another time when he’s back in. It was funny because he got 2 positive behaviour points from his art teacher, when he wasn’t even in class. He perked up after tea, but still sounded awful.

On Wednesday N still wasn’t well so another day at home, and he wasn’t well enough for football training in the evening. He had perked up by the late afternoon, although too much exertion made him cough. Granny’s honey ‘medicine’ seems to be doing the trick for him. 

I had rusty rackets like usual which was good. We did some serving today. Well, the others did. I mostly just tried to toss the ball up so it was in the right place for hitting. I just need to take a ball outside and practice the throw up.

Thursday N was back at school. He didn’t enjoy spanish as apparently he’s been given the ‘spanish’ name Nacho (like several others) and the teacher just spoke spanish to them all lesson. He’s not impressed because he says it’s not his name. It’s such a shame they do spanish in the first year when they’ve had 4 years of french at primary school. It means if they do decide to go for French next year, they’ll have forgotten it all.

I had a PTSA AGM in the evening. Yes I’ve signed up to help out with the new school’s PTSA. Mainly because I’m nosy, and want to meet people from there as we get so little chance to be involved once they’re in secondary school.

On Friday N decided to start using his finger ‘money’ in the canteen. One hash brown before school and a hotdog at breaktime. Sigh. We’re going to have to agree what he can and can’t get otherwise it’s going to be costing me packed lunches and food at break times on top. 

It seems he’s had a timetable change for maths while he was ill and the teachers didn’t pass it on. So he ended up going to the old class, and it wasn’t until halfway through he realised he obviously wasn’t in the right one. So off he went to the correct classroom – he still doesn’t have the correct timetable, so hopefully will get it on Monday. Bit concerning given he can’t ask any of his friends as their classes are all mixed up. The timetable change was due to their being set for maths, and he’s got into the top set – and is with one of his old school friends and another friend he’s met.

Disappointingly, tennis is sticking with mixing the 2 abilities. So they’re now split with their old group on one court as juniors, and the new ones on the second court with 4 (possibly 5 of them) playing green ball. It’s not great as N’s group will have 7 kids, so there’s going to be a lot of standing out and switching on and off court when before they had 7 across 2 courts so could play lots of doubles. N wasn’t happy and said he’d refuse to go if they kept it like that, but he’s going to have to stick it out as i’ve paid.

I’m hoping some of them drop out or manage to work out a different day. It just doesn’t work when ours have been used to a lot more hitting in their group session. Today ours had more of the coach’s focus but next week they’ll switch and we’ll have more of the assistant.

Saturday was the first league match. It wasn’t a good one for our team, although N didn’t have a bad game for the time he was brought on. It was good that all but one of the squad could play, although it meant a lot of subbing on and off in both halves. As N missed seeing his friends down at the bar on Friday, we decided to go down and have street food there, meeting up with friends. The OH decided to work later and not go. Boo! Probably because it was getting chilly too – big winter coat being brought out for it! Unfortunately we ended up there on our own because we were already there and food ordered before our friends arrived to say they weren’t staying as the boy wasn’t well. So we just ate and left.

sunset across the park after tennis

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  1. Hope that things are running more smoothly with the school bus now. Sorry to hear that N was unwell, glad he was feeling better by the end of the week. What a shame that they’re doing Spanish and not keeping up with the French. Hopefully if N does do it next year it will all come back fairly quickly. Tennis sounds frustrating at the moment, hope things improve. #project365

  2. Sorry to hear that N has been poorly. Sebby is down with a temp and headache, but his covid tests are all negative. Hope you get his lunch and tennis sorted

  3. What a disaster the Stagecoach is with you. I hope as the year goes on the service improves.
    Poor N. I hope he is feeling better now. Spanish was always optional at my girls school but French was learned up until year 9 and has long since been forgotten about. That is a good idea joining the PTSA to find out what’s going on at the school. My youngest and I argue about how much she spends on food at break time. Grr!
    What a beautiful sunset. It has got chillier and it seems to be getting darker really early now. x

    1. Turns out the bus journey there costs £3 but on the way back £2.50. So actually it works out cheaper not having a pass at all. Madness. And when you call they don’t seem to know this either. Ridiculous

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