dog jumping to get to boy across flooded patio

Project 52 2021 week 44

The weather has really turned colder this week. I’m layering up, and I need to get some fingerless gloves to wear while working. I’m debating buying themals too to wear during the day. Adding a blanket is just too much material.

Here’s this week’s Project 52, week 44.

On Sunday it rained. And rained. Our patio flooded – it’s not done that for a long time. I left it a while but we ended up having to call off the tennis match because it started raining again and wasn’t looking too good. I should have held my nerve because it ended up being ok – if cold and windy. Now I need to try and get an answer from the opposing captain to which of the alternative dates they can do. We took the dogs out for a walk, and they and N enjoyed playing in the remains of the puddle. (and yes, he’s still wearing shorts!)

Monday was back to school and N’s first day of packed lunches since nursery school. He’s making them himself and was very generous with the amount of food – all of which was eaten. Work was really busy, then afterwards N had a postponed tennis private from the previous week. It’s a shame we can’t get a regular Monday in as it spreads out his lessons over the week.

Tuesday was just another work and school day. I decided that as the pumpkin had only been out and raised up for 2 days, I’d cut it to pieces and roast it for puree. Worked really well, and I’ve got a couple of things I want to make with it, although I’ve put one batch of puree in the freezer until I need it.

On Wednesday not a lot happened. I took some photos of more clothes I’ve cleared out. I’m just about in the next size down now, so more old clothes to dig out and try on, and bigger clothes to sell on. Hopefully this means (once they’ve all sold or gone to charity/recycled) that I’ve got more wardrobe space and can sort out all my old dance shoes and bags in the bottom of the wardrobe. N had his private lesson with the other coach. I’m doing a Fitbit challenge for the month (and week), so I’ve started doing at least 1 lap around the football field before I stand/sit and read during the lesson. It adds on nearly another 2k steps with the 500 step walk to and from the courts as well. Easy steps for not a lot of effort.

Thursday was really busy for work. I was helping out a colleague with doing some interviews. They’re junior roles, so easy interviews to do, and something different to my day job. It does take a lot of time out of the day so I had to work really late to catch up with other things I still needed to get done for Friday.

On Friday it was the first frost on the car. N was still out in his shorts and t shirt – although for their class assembly he did put his jumper on for a bit. They did their class assembly in the playground and parents could go in and watch, although I watched on Teams. N had to do a Neville Chamberlain speech in a ‘slow and posh’ voice. It was all about World War 2 as that’s what their topic has been for the last term. He’s really enjoyed it as a topic. He also came home with the Christmas play script, he’s Father Christmas. So I need to find someone who has a costume I can borrow. Making one is a bit advanced for me, and the cheap ones online don’t look like they’ll make it through a dress rehearsal. But I’d rather borrow one, or I’ll need to visit a few charity shops in the hope of finding something.

N had his usual tennis private after school – looked like it was a good session, an hour to get home and get some food down him. Then back for their group session. Someone in the housing estate behind the courts had some fireworks so they enjoyed watching that during a short break.

On Saturday, we headed into town to pick up a few things we needed. N has decided he likes coming into town on Saturdays (probably because he usually gets a hot chooolate or other treat), even if it’s just a few boring shops we visit. I guess it’s part of the routine and getting out and about. He went out on the farm for a bit afterwards, then we went out in the afternoon to walk the dogs. We had to do a different route as there were cows and sheep in fields on our usual walk. We’ve started watching family Christmas films too.

dog jumping to get to boy across flooded patio

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  1. Oh my, that’s quite a bit of flooding. The child and the dog seem happy though. Big well done to N for making his own lunchboxes. And for doing the part of Chamberlain. How exciting to get the part of Father Christmas! Hope you find the right costume.

  2. Charlie had to make his own packed lunches for school while my husband was in Germany as there weren’t enough hands in the morning. I am tempted to make it a permanent change! That’s a lot of water on your patio I would have been a bit panicked. Hope it is okay now? That’s great news re going down a dress size. I really need to get motivated.

  3. The rain was biblical, wasn’t it. We had lots of flooding here as the drains just could not cope. It hasn’t really been cold here, we still haven’t put the heating on

  4. That’s good that N makes his own packed lunches for school. Sounds like you’re doing well with clearing out clothes. I used to add on laps of the rec when I was doing my steps challenge in August – it’s a good way of getting extra steps in. Good luck with finding a Father Christmas costume for N. N and the dog look like they’re enjoying that puddle. #project365

  5. That[‘s quite a bit of flooding, hope he dried up nicely. Shame about the tennis, but I guess you can’t let people know too close to the arranged time. Great news with the weight loss, well done. I’m wearing fingerless gloves around the house now. My son is still walking around in shorts and he’s 26 now.

  6. LOL, the shorts make me laugh. Mine rarely wears them outside unless it’s baking but changes into them as soon as he’s home so can race around the living room without burning holes in his knees! Interviews are really time consuming aren’t they. #365

  7. It has been so cold. I have fingerless gloves to wear when I am on my laptop.
    My youngest loves making her own packed lunches and is always generous with what she gives herself.
    It sounds like N did great in the assembly and good luck to him with the Christmas play and you to find a costume.
    Saturdays sound like fun especially with the treats. x

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