I’ve had a bit of a break from doing Wasgij while I clear out my puzzles, and do some Wentworth puzzles instead. But back to a couple of Wasgij again now after buying some second hand.  This one is Wasgij Destiny 15 Shopping Shake Up.

Wasgij Destiny 15 shopping shake up

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One of the Wasgij Destiny range, you need to imagine what the scene on the box would look like years in the future or the current day. I find the destiny puzzles fun to do, and this was full of fun. There’s lots of shopping chaos, interesting foods for the shoppers to buy.

Some of the classic characters are in Shopping Shake Up puzzle like usual.  

I found this Wasgij quite easy, with it only taking 2 sessions to complete. It’s straightforward to work in colour areas like I always do (you can find out how I complete Wasgij without using any hints which also includes all my other Wasgij solutions).

You can find my solution to Wasgij Destiny 15 Shopping Shake Up below. You can buy Wasgij puzzles* from Amazon, or other puzzle suppliers.

Wasgij Destiny 15 Shopping Shake up solution

Hope you enjoy completing the puzzle yourself too.

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