statues in a row at Stowe

Project 52 2022 week 8

It’s been a nice relaxing week although a little frustrating with the lack of actually doing anything. When I’ve taken annual leave I prefer going out and about so it’s a more productive time off. But N’s not been keen to do much so we’ve spent most of the week at home. It’s showed in my lack of steps. I’ve struggled to even get 10k steps a day when usually I’d be easily at 15-20k. Back to it next week, as I’m feeling a bit meh and blobby. I definitely need to get off the grazing and back to doing exercise again.

Here’s this week’s Project 52, we’re into week 8.

Sunday was really windy again with Storm Franklin.  It’ll be nice to get back to calmer weather after so many storms. We just pottered around at home as we didn’t fancy going out in the bad weather.

On Monday it was a work day for me. It was fairly quiet, just some one to one catch ups, as many others were on leave. N spent the day either out on the farm or on Youtube and the Xbox. Post Covid, he still has the spare tv and his xbox in his room, and I’ve not got round to bringing it all back downstairs yet. The TV’s a bit large and heavy, so I might have to get the OH to do it.  It was still way too windy for tennis in the early afternoon, so his catch up lesson didn’t happen.

Tuesday was my first day of leave for half term. I sorted some clothes to photograph to add to Vinted. We took the dogs out for a walk, and I wore my waterproof trousers. The first time I’ve worn waterproof trousers since I was about 12. I’m sold because I always get mud up my trousers usually. The fields are so soggy at the moment. 

On Wednesday it was another home day. Staying home does mean I get to read a lot. I think I’ve got through 4 books this week. And finished a puzzle.  N had his tennis lesson. He was a bit rusty, but I think he was pleased to be back.

Thursday we woke to hear that Russia had invaded Ukraine. I feel for the Ukrainians, but also the Russians who don’t agree with what their leader’s done. I’ve got friends in Poland and Lithuania, so I’m hoping it’s short lived or contained and that things don’t spread into other countries as well. Like everyone I’m hoping it’s not the start of something much bigger.

We’d planned to meet one of his friends at the park but the weather was pretty awful in the morning. Hailstones, cold, damp and blowy. So we went over to pick his friend up, stayed for a chat for a bit, before he came to ours for lunch and a play. After lunch we took the younger labrador out for a walk once the weather had improved. 

On Friday I dragged N out to Stowe for a walk around. It was a shame I couldn’t persuade him to go in the house. I’ll need to book myself in there on another school holiday or weekend when he’s not with me. But we had a nice walk round, he got a hot chocolate and lunch. It was nice to go somewhere different, although he is never that excited about National Trust places.  I’d suggested we go somewhere like a wildlife park, but he wasn’t fussed when neither of his friends we’d checked with were available to join us.  At Easter when we’re away, we’ll get more packed in and maybe he’ll get a bit more excited when away from home. 

Before we went he’d baked chocolate cupcakes too so he’s been handing those round to everyone on the farm at break times.

Saturday was a relaxing day. We had to nip into town to visit the bakery stall for my mother in law, so parked some way away to get a bit of a walk in. Costs less doing it that way too and not parking in the market place. Then to Sainsbury’s to get some milk, and pick up whatever items I needed that were on offer on my Nectar app. I don’t like the way Sainsbury’s do their Nectar prices. To have to use the individual scanner or scan via your phone when you’ve a basket rather than trolley is a lot of extra hassle compared with Tesco who just link the prices to your card when you scan it at the till. It also means that some items don’t give you the cheaper price, they just send to a refund voucher to your app for next time. I don’t go to Sainsbury’s that often so rarely remember to use my coupons but I suppose doing it that way means they don’t have to hand out so many discounts.

Otherwise we just played board games, read, blogged and N went out on the farm for a bit.

statues in a row at Stowe

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  1. I am very impressed that you have read four books already. Sounds like a mainly relaxing week. I look forward to hearing about your Easter plans. I am starting to see Charlie prefer to be at home than go out. I think it’s a slippery slope from here on in…

  2. I quite like home days especially now fuel is so expensive to go out for the day. I agree its such a worry with the war I feel awful for everyone caught up in it. It’s good you have a holiday to look forward to in Easter, I feel like you during breaks from school I like to keep busy too, otherwise my boys will be on there games all day if they get the chance!

  3. My eldest never wants to go out..she hasn’t for a few years now.

    Sounds like a pretty relaxing week though. The weather has been a bit off

  4. Waterproof trousers are great, mine get a lot of wear at the moment and it means I can sit down on benches when Thomas is outside playing and not get a damp bottom! Glad you had a nice time at Stowe and a relaxing day on Saturday. #project365

  5. I rarely buy things on offer on nectar as it seems their offers are for some specific brands, which I don’t usually buy from (Nestle for example due to their involvement in deforestation and child labour). I do have loads of points on the nectar card though from buying train tickets for my commute to London, I like that, obviously. It might be worth looking if you can link the card to other kind of payments and get points like that.

    1. No, only if I buy online in stores via the app. But I already use cashback sites which is money not points. Most of the offers are for items I buy so it’s good (they should be tailored to each nectar user’s data), It’s just a faff.

  6. Shame N’s friends weren’t available for a day out. hopefully he’ll be back to tennis now the weather seems to be picking up a bit. Lovely that he baked chocolate cakes to hand out around the farm.

  7. Shame your son wasn’t keen to go out. I have to admit, mine never are until they actually get there and then they enjoy it. I find it so frustrating that they’d rather be home on their tech.

  8. It been a strange old week that’s for sure, I feel for those getting caught up in this war

    Waterproof trousers, not sure why I’ve never thought of them before for walking the dogs, especially considering I used to wear them at work in the rain before I retired, I wonder if they’d still fit me x

    1. Definitely worth digging them out. My son’s are more cow muck and mud than trouser now and nearly stand up on their own, but Im not sure I want them in my washing machine. I think I need to get the hosepipe on them!

  9. Hooray for a relaxing week but it is rather annoying that our kids have to grow up and not want to do much during half term. hehehe
    The news is awful about Ukraine. I do feel for those people and the Russians too. I have seen so many Russians who don’t agree with the war.
    What beautiful statues. x

    1. It’s awful isn’t it. Just because of 1 man’s wishes, who can’t just let an independent country run their place the way they want.

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