cooking meat on the bbq

Project 52 2023 week 20

Week 20 of Project 52 has been beautiful weather. Warm, sunny, blue skies. It’s been nice to get some sun (maybe a bit too much on Saturday!). Here’s our week.

After a late night watching Eurovision – back to normal for the UK languishing in the dregs of the scoring while some totally wacky horrendous song wins – Sunday was quite a lazy day. N was back out on the farm, I caught up with some reading, blogging, a bit of listening to music while dancing round the kitchen. And I seemed to spend a disproportionate amount of time prepping for dinner. I felt very tired though, and I had quite a bit of pain in my knee the previous day. 

Monday was back to school, thankfully most of N’s coughing is gone and he’s back on form.  Work was busy – I’m doing lots of contracting bits at the moment, much more than I’d usually do. I sold a couple of things on Vinted. I always try and hold on for a couple of items then it makes it worth the trek to the parcelshop to drop off.

On Tuesday we had fun with the bus which decided to not come via our village. The route hasn’t been via the main road since August, so we weren’t happy. So instead of a 7 minute round trip, it was 15 minutes instead and bringing extras home too. Luckily they got off at the nearest village, and not in the further one so it was an easy pick and and turnaround.

Wednesday was another sunny day. It’s nice to see the cows in the field behind us, and for N to get out after tea to play football. His training was cancelled but at least he did get out to play. We chatted with our neighbours as well – it’s lovely to have chatty neighbours again.

On Thursday it was a bit quieter at work, although lots still going on. N had his orthodontist scans and xrays. It’s all very hi tech compared to when I had braces back in the day. Hopefully they’re not too painful and awkward for him to get used to. We had disappointing fish and chips from our old usual chippy. Tiny portion of mini fish, halloumi and chips although the standard cod was normal large size. Will be sticking with our more recent usual one in future.

Friday was lovely. The rain that was forecast held off. In the evening we went to catch up with friends, have some dinners. It was nice for the boys to get together, and it was so nice to catch up.  I need to make more of an effort to meet up with friends in the second part of the year.

On Saturday, it was end of season football club presentations, and our team did the usual parents vs kids match. I taped up my knee, and mostly just walked up and down, but I didn’t embarrass myself when I did get the ball. It was a long day because they had the awards for all the teams afterwards, so we were out from 9 til well after 1pm. A lot of sun. We then broke out the bbq for the first time. We did a pretty good job, N did well with the actual cooking and he cleaned it afterwards (my deal for buying it).

cooking meat on the bbq

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  1. I was really frustrated with the eurovision result, but I never do understand the voting. Glad N is feeling better and hooray for the sunshine!!

  2. I’m so loving this sunshine and warmer weather, we’ve not had a BBQ yet but eat outside often. The bus sounds a pain. Hope Ns braces fit him well.

  3. I am loving all of this sunshine and warmer weather, it feels like summer is on it’s way.
    Good luck to N with his braces. My eldest has them for a couple of years and they did take some getting used to but they worked wonders. Saturday sounds like a lot of fun. I do love a bbq but not the cleaning afterwards. Well done N for doing it.

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